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Brand Manners: How to create the self-confident organisation to live the brand

Brand Manners: How to create the self-confident organisation to live the brand

Hamish Pringle, William Gordon

ISBN: 978-0-471-49606-9

Feb 2001

334 pages

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How often has a company's handling of a customer's telephone call turned out to be a turn-off? How often has a customer query in the retail environment turned into a relationship-killer, rather than a loyalty-builder? No matter how good the work behind brand positioning and communication, a reputation can be ruined by one poor interaction with a customer. The challenge for any brand-focused company is to ensure that the whole organisation actually 'lives' the brand. New in paperback, Brand Manners is the runaway bestseller that demonstrates why a company needs, and how it can create, a branded service culture that consistently exceeds customer expectations. Drawing on a host of major case studies, Hamish Pringle and William Gordon show how any company can align its internal and external brand values to build a 'self-confident' organisation.
PART ONE : The Brand Manners Book of Life
"Manners Maketh Man"
Customers-The Brand Promise and Individual Brand Manners
Corporations -
Happy Surprises
The Tesco Story
PART TWO: The Brand Manners Way
The Self-confident Organisation
Brand Manners Approach
Brand Manners in Action
The Orange Story
PART THREE: The Brand Manners Improvement Cycle
Section One: Individual Behaviour
Conditioning Creates Brands
How Boundaries Create Self-confidence
Making the Most of Habits
Reducing Stress in the Organisation
Section Two: Encounters
Being Ready to Defend the Brand
Minimising Corporate Distance
Managing the Irrational
How Trust Fits In
Section Three: The Brand Promise
High Tech, High Touch in Branding
Dealing with the New Consumerism
How Brand Problems can be Part of the Solution
Protecting the Brand
Section Four: "Happy Surprises"
How Defining Gestures Build Brands
Really Listening Adds Real Value
The Power of Customer Pledges
Moments of Truth
Section Five: "Feeling Good"
Defining Outstanding Customer Service
The Importance of Under-promising and Over-delivering
How Enabled Employees can Deliver for Customers
Recruiting in Line with the Brand's Values
PART FOUR: The Brand Manners How-To Guides
The Chief Executive Officer
The Marketing Director
The Employee
"...enlightening and inspiring..." (Public Relations Quarterly, Winter 2001)