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Bread: A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes, 2nd Edition

Jeffrey Hamelman

ISBN: 978-1-118-54888-2 November 2012 496 Pages

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When Bread was first published in 2004, it received the Julia Child Award for best First Book and became an instant classic.  Hailed as a “masterwork of bread baking literature,” Jeffrey Hamelman’s Bread features 140 detailed, step-by-step formulas for versatile sourdough ryes; numerous breads made with pre-ferments; and simple, straight dough loaves.  Here, the bread baker and student will discover a diverse collection of flavors, tastes, and textures; hundreds of drawings that vividly illustrate techniques; and four-color photographs of finished and decorative breads.

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List of Recipes


Changes to the Second Edition

Foreword by Raymond Calvel


Part One: Ingredients and Techniques

1              The Bread-Making Process from Mixing through Baking

2             Ingredients and Their Function

3              Hand Techniques

Part Two: Formulas and Decorative Breads

4             Breads Made with Yeasted Pre-Ferments

5             Levain Breads

6             Sourdough Rye Breads

7              Straight Doughs

8             Miscellaneous Breads

9             Braiding Techniques

10           Decorative and Display Projects




About the Author

  • Features 140 bread formulas (including 30 new breads)
  • 252 illustrations of step-by-step techniques
  • 41 full-color photographs
  • Updated information on working with locally grown whole grains, understanding trends in milling technology, and teaching hand mixing techniques
  • Jeffrey Hamelman, winner of the 1996 Coupe du Monde, provides bakers with the appropriate tools to master bread making, with hundreds of drawings and many color photographs.
  • Bread contains 140 detailed, step-by-step formulas for a vast array of breads, including Swiss Farmhouse Bread, German Farmer’s Bread, and Baguettes de Tradition.  
  • Sidebars accompany each recipe and section with valuable tips, from the subtle art of tasting and evaluating breads.