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Bridging the Leadership Divide Participant Workbook and Assessment Set

Bridging the Leadership Divide Participant Workbook and Assessment Set

Ron A. Carucci, Josh Epperson, Lela Tepavac

ISBN: 978-1-118-01163-8

Sep 2010, Pfeiffer

208 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This set includes the Bridging the Leadership Divide Participant Workbook along with copies of paper assessments for both emerging and incumbent leaders.

This Bridging the Leadership Divide workshop invites leaders of multiple generations to practical conversations that help remove the inherent barriers to productive relationships between incumbent and emerging leaders. While there is much information available on generational demographics, the focus of this program is on the relational aspects of generational dynamics.

Based on research within organizations, Carucci and colleagues have identified six patterns that distinguish distressed relationships from powerful relationships between incumbent leaders and emerging leaders. The patterns are indicated as: rank, meaningful conversation, inclusion and engagement, dreaming, generosity, and gratitude. The workshop will explain and assess these patterns as well as explore how these patterns promote or hinder cross-generational relationships. The workshop includes case studies, role plays, journaling exercises, and action planning tools.

This accompanying participant workbook will include case studies, self-reflection exercises, and strategies for a follow-up development plan.