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Brief Psychological Interventions in Practice

Brief Psychological Interventions in Practice

Ann Williamson

ISBN: 978-0-470-77283-6

Apr 2008

272 pages



As the extent of mental illness in the population becomes clear, so the provision of care becomes one of the major tasks facing healthcare teams. As a result, a growing army of people is being trained to offer emotional and psychological support in primary care settings. This practical guide to using brief psychological interventions within a short consultation draws together techniques from a number of approaches including CBT, Solution Focus, Brief Therapy, NLP and hypnosis.
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Chapter 1. Introduction.

Chapter 2. Problem or Solution based.

Chapter 3. How do we think?

Chapter 4. Building Rapport.

Chapter 5. Goal Setting.

Chapter 6. Identity or Behaviour.

Chapter 7. Cognitive Distortions.

Chapter 8. Seeding Ideas.

Chapter 9. Reframing.

Chapter 10. Patterns.

Chapter 11. What if?

Chapter 12. Anchoring.

Chapter 13. Anger.

Chapter 14. Helping Build Self-esteem.

Chapter 15. Helping with Relationship Problems.

Chapter 16. Resolving Trauma and Guilt.

Chapter 17. Helping with Grief.

Chapter 18. Psychosomatic Problems.

Chapter 19. Conclusion.

Chapter 20. Worksheets.


Client Handout.

Client Outcome Routine Evaluation.

Creative Approaches.

Different Problems Encountered.

Case Studies.