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Brief Therapeutic Consultations: An Approach to Systemic Counselling



Brief Therapeutic Consultations: An Approach to Systemic Counselling

Eddy Street, Jim Downey

ISBN: 978-0-471-96343-1 October 1996 176 Pages


How do clients perceive the counselling process? What do they require from it? Counsellors and therapists are increasingly aware of the need to bring the client s viewpoint into the therapeutic relationship. Both the effectiveness of the process, and the need to meet the client s needs in a service context, have demanded more awareness of the client s perceptions and needs. This book provides a practical framework which describes how to construct a client counsellor relationship which is brief, collaborative and consultative in purpose but therapeutic in form. Counsellors, social workers, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists and all professionals engaged in counselling activities, whether in a workplace or mental health care context, will welcome this essential and practical guide to more effective therapeutic consultations. Readers will also appreciate the concise overview of the theoretical basis of this approach. This book appears in the Wiley Series in Brief Therapy and Counselling Series Editor: Windy Dryden Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK
Consultation and Counselling.

The Presenting Problem.

Problem Meaning and Ideology.

The Client's Ideology About Consultation and the Consultant.

Making the "Consultation Statement".

Organizing the Follow-up Session.

Theoretical Foundations.