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Brief Therapy Client Handouts

Brief Therapy Client Handouts

Kate Cohen-Posey

ISBN: 978-0-471-32846-9

Mar 2000

256 pages

Select type: Paperback

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* Features concise articles, visual aids, self-assessments, and discussion sheets suitable for use with a variety of clients
* Contains over 100 well writen, informative, ready-to-use client handouts
* Includes a disk for easy customization of handouts

""These eminently worthwhile handouts are not only based on some of the finest scholarship available today, they're also unusually accessible to the lay person. This is a resource I expect to draw upon again and again with my clients.""
-Leon F. Seltzer, PhD author of Paradoxical Strategies in Psychotherapy

Many therapists provide psycho-educational information and recommend helpful literature to their clients as a means of promoting growth and change in between sessions. This unique sourcebook provides a comprehensive collection of over 100 concise, informative handouts for distribution to your current or prospective clients.

Organized around the topics of relationship dynamics and specific disorders, these sensitively written handouts offer clients valuable information about common psychological problems, as well as practical, therapeutically sound advice on strategies for changing behaviors or interactional patterns. The user-friendly design allows you to easily photocopy the handouts you are most likely to use or customize them to your needs using the included disk-saving you precious time in the office and maximizing the full potential of the material.

This remarkable resource features:
* Preliminary assessment tools to help clients partner with therapists in targeting problem areas and identifying pertinent diagnoses
* Review sheets for behavior strategies that change problems and help therapists design treatment programs
* Discussion sheets for spouses, parents, and family members that promote communication
* Visual aids that explain problems at a glance

Brief Therapy Client Handouts helps you reinforce and validate ideas presented in therapy and comfort your clients during those lonely, anxious times in between sessions.

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