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British General Elections Since 1945, 2nd Edition



British General Elections Since 1945, 2nd Edition

David Butler

ISBN: 978-0-631-19828-4 May 1995 Wiley-Blackwell 156 Pages


In this fully revised and updated edition of British General Elections since 1945 David Butler chronicles the demeanour and result of each post-war election. He also draws on the most recent research to examine how much the way in which elections have been stages and fought has altered, with press conferences, advertising, opinion polls and media events transforming the electoral process. In considering these issues alongside other aspects - the law, the constituencies, the electoral system itself, voter behaviour - Dr Butler provides an invaluable guide to the continuities and change which have characterized British general elections for two generations.
1. Continuity and Change.

2. Thirteen General Elections.

3. The Legal Framework.

4. Constituencies, Seats and Votes.

5. Franchise, Turnout and Voting Behaviour.

6. The Timing of Elections and the Party Battle.

7. Changing MPs.

8. The Cost of Elections.

9. The National Campaign.

10. The Media.

11. Advertising and Polls.

12. Local Electioneering.

13. Conclusion.

* Author is 'the' known person in the field.
* Elections are the benchmarks of political life but there is no similar overview.
* Fully updated to cover 1992 general election and its aftermath.