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British Journal of Psychology

British Journal of Psychology

Edited By:Stefan R. Schweinberger

Vol 109(4 Issues in 2018 )

Print ISSN: 0007-1269

Online ISSN: 2044-8295

Impact Factor: 3.139

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

Select type: Journal


The British Journal of Psychology publishes original research on all aspects of general psychology including cognition; health and clinical psychology; developmental, social and occupational psychology. For information on specific requirements, please view Author Guidelines.

We attract a large number of international submissions each year which make major contributions across the range of psychology, particularly where the work has the following characteristics:

• articles or groups of articles dealing with topics which are of interest to researchers from more than one specialism;
• section of psychology or which address topics or issues at the interface between different specialisms or sections of psychology;
• articles or groups of articles which take different or contrasting methodological or theoretical approaches to a single topic;
• articles or groups of articles dealing with novel areas, theories or methodologies;
• integrative reviews, particularly where the review offers new analysis (e.g. meta-analysis), new theory or new implications for practice;
• articles or groups of articles dealing with the history of psychology;
• interdisciplinary work, where the contribution from, or to, psychological theory or practice is clear.

It enjoys a wide international readership and features reports of empirical studies, critical reviews of the literature and theoretical contributions which aim to further our understanding of psychology.

The journal additionally publishes a small number of invited articles by people who lead their field on a topic that provokes discussion. These articles include a short peer commentary.