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Broadband Signalling Explained



Broadband Signalling Explained

Dick Knight (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-85381-8 November 2000 448 Pages


Broadband Signalling Explained Edited by Dick Knight BT, UK Broadband Signalling Explained is a comprehensive handbook. It introduces the basics and evolution of ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and provides an overview of the concepts of protocols and signalling. It identifies the standards and describes the international bodies responsible for producing them, including the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) and the ATM Forum.
* Covers Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS), its capabilities, network signalling requirements and likely technical developments.
* Detailed accounts of the different network technologies, including B-ISDN, ATM and C7.
* Outlines performance studies of a number of design scenarios for providing broadband services.
* Analyses the signalling protocols, including the user network interface, inter-carrier interface and ITU Broadband Network Signalling Protocols.
* Provides a definitive list of the standards
This is the authoritative work on broadband signalling and is for all telecommunications engineers, both implementers and network operators. Students will find this book invaluable to gain an understanding of the theory, concepts and technology of signalling for advanced communications networks. Visit the Wiley Telecommunications Website on-line at: Visit Our Web Page!
ATM Switching (D. Knight).

Introduction to Signalling (D. Knight & B. Law).

Signalling Standards (B. Law & D. Knight).

Requirements for Signalling-Broadband Services (R. Morley & D. Knight).

Access Signalling (B. Law & D. Knight).

The ATM Forum Signalling Protocols and their Interworking (N. Cooper).

The ATM Forum's Private Network Network Interface (J. Scott & I. Jones).

B-ISUP, ITU-T's Internodal Broadband Signalling Protocol (I. Jones).

The VB5 Interface (M. Hale, et al.).

The Use of Session Control in DAVIC to Provide Interactive Multimedia Services (R. Miles, et al.).

Design for Performance of Broadband Signalling and Services (D. Morris & A. Elvidge).

Broadband VPN Signalling (F. Allard).

UMTS: The Mobile Part of Broadband Communications for the Next Century (A. Clapton, et al.).

Signalling with Objects (P. McDonald).

The Call Control Protocol in a Separated Call and Bearer Environment (D. Knight & B. Law).

Supporting Applications with Network Intelligence and B-ISDN (G. Bruce & J. Clark).