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Broadening Your Organizational Perspective

Broadening Your Organizational Perspective

Ellen Van Velsor

ISBN: 978-1-604-91158-9

Jul 2013, Pfeiffer

34 pages

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Advancing in an organization is often a top priority for leaders, but a narrow organizational and personal perspective can severely limit your ability to advance. Broadening your organizational perspective—understanding not just your own area of expertise, but how your organization works as a whole-can greatly enhance your ability to move upward. This guidebook will help you understand how to widen your perspective by showing you what obstacles may be holding you back, and what challenges and experiences you can learn from in order to advance.

7 The Challenges of Advancement

8 What Stops You

14 What Helps You: Learning

20 What Helps You: A Variety of Challenging Experiences

30 Conclusion

31 Background
32 Suggested Resources