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W. Edward Billups (Editor), Marco A. Ciufolini (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-18845-2 April 1993 339 Pages


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The world's leading experts contribute their expertise to this forthcoming book which presents the most current and comprehensive research on spheroidal carbon clusters (fullerenes) as well as discussing current problems and possible directions in future research.
Mass Spectrometric Studies of the Fullerences/
Fullerene Structures/
Ab Initio Theoretical Predictions of Fullerenes/
Predicting Properties/
Electronic Structure of the Fullerenes/
Theory of Electronic and Superconducting Properties/
Electronic Structure of the Alkali-Intercalated Fullerides, Endohedral Fullerenes, and Metal-Adsorbed Fullerenes/
Exo- and Endohedral Fullerene Complexes in the Gas Phase/
Fullerene Electrochemistry/
Improved Preparation, Chemical Reactivity/
Fulleroids and Fulleroid Polymers