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BuckyWorks: Buckminster Fuller's Ideas for Today



BuckyWorks: Buckminster Fuller's Ideas for Today

J. Baldwin

ISBN: 978-0-471-19812-3 August 1997 256 Pages


"A pleasure to read." -Architectural Review

"A wonderful, nontechnical introduction to one of this century's most fascinating minds." -Whole Earth Review

"Original . . . [and] valuable, because it describes . . . Fuller's original techniques." -Architectural Record.

Architect, mathematician, engineer, inventor, visionary humanist, educator, inspirational orator, and bestselling author, R. Buckminster Fuller has been rightly called "the 20th-century Leonardo da Vinci." Written by a fellow inventor who worked with Fuller for more than three decades, BuckyWorks is an inspiring celebration of the man, his ideas, his inventions -and his legacy for our future. Featuring over 200 photographs and drawings, plus dozens of fascinating excerpts from Fuller's lectures and conversations with the author, this book offers a breathtaking inside look at one of the truly great minds of our time.

J. BALDWIN is an inventor and teacher who worked under, with, and for R. Buckminster Fuller for more than three decades. He served as an editor of the Whole Earth Catalog and the Whole Earth Review for 25 years.
The Mission of Guinea Pig B. The Lightful House.

The Design Science Revolution.

Getting Around.


The Sorcerer's Apprentices.

Instant Domes.

The Garden of Eden.


Spaceship Earth.

Jobs and Work.