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Building Care

Brian J.B. Wood

ISBN: 978-1-405-17167-0 February 2009 Wiley-Blackwell 208 Pages


Building care encompasses everything from maintenance of a building to energy conservation and range of approaches, including the effects on design.

A range of approaches to looking after buildings and their users is covered in this book. The rationale and conditions that support them (e.g. PPM - preventative planned maintenance; JIT - just in time) are explained, together with the commercial and environmental imperatives driving new approaches to building care.

Background and introduction; Planned preventive maintenance prevails; Just in time:gurus from East and West; Procurement of building maintenance services; Reengineering the process; Enter customer care, contact and call centres; Intelligent building care; Sustainable building care; Building futures:left or right; Cradle to grave:whole life assessment and implications for design
'This is a very well written book, interesting, comprehensive and easy to read, covering all aspects from maintenence to customer care to energy conservation.'

Building Engineer

* offers practical guidance to those responsible for maintenance in commissioning and carrying out building care services
* reflects the move away from the long-term, technology-based building maintenance programmes to a more user friendly approach