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Building Maintenance Management, 2nd Edition


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Building Maintenance Management, 2nd Edition

Barrie Chanter, Peter Swallow

ISBN: 978-1-119-29742-0 February 2017 Wiley-Blackwell 336 Pages


This new edition of an informative and accessible book guides building surveyors and facilities managers through the key aspects of property maintenance and continues to be of value to both students and practitioners.

With the increasing cost of new-build, effective maintenance of existing building stock is becoming ever more important and building maintenance work now represents nearly half of total construction output in the UK.

Building Maintenance Management provides a comprehensive profile of the many aspects of property maintenance. This second edition has been updated throughout, with sections on outsourcing; maintenance planning; benchmarking and KPIs; and current trends in procurement routes (including partnering and the growth of PFI) integrated into the text. There is also a new chapter on the changing context within which maintenance is carried out, largely concerned with its relationship to facilities management. More coverage is given of maintenance organisations and there are major updates to relevant aspects of health and safety and to contract forms.




Chapter 1 - The changing context within which Building Maintenance operates.

Chapter 2 - The Maintenance Dimension.

Chapter 3 - Maintenance Organisations.

Chapter 4 - The Design/Maintenance Relationship.

Chapter 5 - The Nature of Maintenance Work.

Chapter 6 - Information Management.

Chapter 7 - Maintenance Planning.

Chapter 8 - Maintenance Contracts.

Chapter 9 - The Execution of Building Maintenance.

Appendix 1 - StatisticsAppendix 2 - Methods of Financial Appraisal

"In an era when sustainability and the efficient use of the world's resources have become paramount considerations, this book highlights practical ways of putting these principles into practice." (Journal of Building Appraisal, Autumn 2007)

  • offers a comprehensive profile of the many aspects of property maintenance

  • informative and accessible

  • covers latest performance evaluation techniques