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Building People: Sunday Emails from a CEO, Volume 3



Building People: Sunday Emails from a CEO, Volume 3

Mun Leong Liew

ISBN: 978-1-118-46942-2 June 2013 304 Pages


Valuable insights into the life and philosophy of one of Asia's keenest and most effective business minds

Tagged by CNN as one of the twenty-five most powerful businesspeople in Asia, Liew Mun Leong, President and CEO of the Singapore-based real estate empire, CapitaLand, rose from very humble beginnings to become one of the world's wealthiest people. Since joining the company Liew has been communicating regularly and frankly with his staff in various ways, including emails. Like the previous two volumes in his internationally acclaimed Building People, Sunday Emails from a CEO, this compilation offers fascinating and instructive insights into Liew Mun Leong's inimitable character and his management philosophy.

  • Delivers powerful lessons on leadership, communication, strategy, decision-making, application vs. theory, motivating people and much more
  • Offers fascinating glimpses into the life of a visionary leader, including his many interesting work experiences and challenges
  • For easy reference, the communiques are gathered under the four main categories of competition, people, corporate culture and strategy

Chapter 1: Our Competition 1

1. The Competition CapitaLand is Facing 3

2. Are We Competitive and Combative Enough? 9

3. Obama Concedes that China’s Railways and Singapore’s Airport are Better than the US’ 15

4. “If You are a Pretty Girl, There Will Always Be a Long Queue for You” 19

5. Are We Still Ahead of the Curve? 24

6. Are We Product-Focused and Product-Driven Enough? 29

7. Lessons from Chinese New Year! 37

8. There is No Such Thing as an Uncommunicative CEO 41

Chapter 2: Our People 47

9. Young Turks and Silver Hairs 49

10. The War for Talent—Pull or Push Factors 56

11. “Man is Truly Great When He Acts from Passion” 65

12. “Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails” are Not Good Enough 73

13. What Should “Apprentice Executives” Do to Succeed in CapitaLand? 80

14. Effective Managers and Strong Pragmatic Leaders! 87

15. Notice of Leaving CapitaLand in One Year’s Time 93

16. There are No Bad Workers, Only Ineffective Supervisors 96

17. Why CLIMB in CapitaLand? Converting Human Resources to Human Capital 101

Chapter 3: Our Corporate Culture 111

18. Ten Corporate Principles of CapitaLand 113

19. What Say You? 118

20. Talk to Your Bosses! 125

21. An Unexpected Year-End Lesson 130

22. The Very Best Thing for a Person is Health 134

23. CapitaLand Wear Less Day & Green Reward 140

24. B20 Summit and Anti-Corruption Group 145

25. Chongqing Dog 150

26. Again, Can We Manage Our Mobile Phones with Discipline? 154

27. The “Soul” of CapitaLand 160

28. Stay True to Our Core Values, Always! 167

29. “A Simple Life”: A Loaded Message on Values 172

Chapter 4: Our Strategy 177

30. To The Next Ten! 179

31. Project FOT—Our Corporate Strategies 186

32. Synergy with Surbana, the One Million Homes Developer 192

33. Some Personal Thoughts on the General Election (GE) 198

34. Lessons from the General Election (GE) 205

35. Managing the Fourth Economic Crisis 212

36. CNBC’s Managing Asia with Christine Tan 220

37. Climbing the Hierarchy of Needs through the Arts 237

My Last Sunday Email to Bid You Goodbye 245


38. The Wall Street Journal Asia, 19 March 2012 - Managing in Asia: CapitaLand Sees Plenty of Spark in China 255

39. Jinghua Times, 26 August 2011 - The China Market Has Bubbles but Will Not Break 260

40. The Straits Times, 28 August 2010 - Silver-haired but Highly Treasured 268

41. Bloomberg, 23 May 2012 - CapitaLand CEO Calls Shoebox Flats Inhuman 275

Index 279