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Building Wealth All-in-One For Canadians For Dummies

Building Wealth All-in-One For Canadians For Dummies

Bryan Borzykowski, Andrew Bell, Matthew Elder, Andrew Dagys, Paul Mladjenovic, Michael Griffis, Lita Epstein, Christopher Cottier, Ann C. Logue, Douglas Gray, Peter Mitham

ISBN: 978-1-118-22396-3

Jan 2012

672 pages

Select type: E-Book



The comprehensive, six-books-in-one package Canadian investors can trust with their money

Designed for those investors who are already familiar with the fundamentals of the investment process and are looking to take their finances to the next level, Building Wealth All-in-One For Canadians For Dummies, is a higher-end title that will make diversifying your portfolio—the key to successful investing—a cinch. Offering readers a wealth of information on investment techniques, along with options ranging from stocks and mutual funds to trading on the Foreign Exchange and buying investment properties, the book is:

  • Fully up-to-date and packed with current content
  • Written by Canadian authors who understand Canadian finances
  • Filled with everything you need to know about investing

The ultimate resource for Canadian investors looking to make more profitable investment decisions, Building Wealth For Canadians For Dummies All-in-One is the book you need to take the next step towards increasing your wealth.

Introduction 1

Book I: The Basics of Building Wealth 7

Chapter 1: The Basics of Building Wealth 9

Chapter 2: Playing It Safe 23

Chapter 3: Mind your Rs and Ts: RRSPs and TFSAs 39

Book II: Making Money with Mutual Funds 53

Chapter 1: Understanding Mutual Funds 55

Chapter 2: Figuring Out Fees — Discount or Full-Service Brokers?  77

Chapter 3: Surveying Your Fund Options 109

Book III: The Skinny on Stocks 153

Chapter 1: Building Wealth through Investing in Stocks 155

Chapter 2: Gathering and Deciphering Stock Information 177

Chapter 3: Going for Brokers 209

Book IV: Trials and Tribulations of Trading 233

Chapter 1: Trying Out Trading: The Basics 235

Chapter 2: The Fundamentals: Economics and Stock Market Metrics 247

Chapter 3: Nearly Everything You Wanted to Know about Technical Analysis 273

Chapter 4: Money Management Techniques and Trading System Tips 297

Chapter 5: The Skinny on Swing Trading and Derivatives 325

Book V: Delving into Day Trading 359

Chapter 1: Making a Day Trade of It 361

Chapter 2: Regulations and Taxes 393

Chapter 3: Managing Stress and Your Positions 411

Chapter 4: Using Fundamental and Technical Analysis 433

Chapter 5: Leverage and Arbitrage 465

Book VI: Reviewing Real Estate Investing 487

Chapter 1: Introducing Real Estate Investing 489

Chapter 2: Figuring Out Financing 509

Chapter 3: Scouting Properties: Where to Look and What to Look For 545

Chapter 4: Closing the Deal 579

Index 607