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Building Your Endowment

Edward C. Schumacher, Timothy L. Seiler (Series Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-787-96010-0 February 2003 Jossey-Bass 112 Pages


This practical workbook will help you put in place the last component of a comprehensive development office-- an endowment program. Building Your Endowment gives development professionals, executive directors, consultants, and volunteers the information needed to understand and implement an endowment program that will get bottom-line results. Based on the philosophy and teachings of Henry R. Rosso-- founder of the Fund Raising School and the preeminent twentieth century fund raising educator-- Building Your Endowment is infused with Rosso's views, approaches, and perspectives on fund raising. Building Your Endowment
* Offers systemic approaches to developing an endowment fund raising program
* Includes the strategic choices an organization faces when developing endowments
* Contains a proven approach to endowment donors that has been successful for other organizations
* Gives a summary of the unique components of endowment and how it is different from other kinds of fund raising

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Exhibits and Worksheets.


The Author.

1. Understanding Endowment.

Unique Characteristics of Endowment Fund Raising.

The Bene.ts of Endowment.

Ten Reasons Why People Give to Endowment.

Endowment Types.

Integrating Endowment into Your Fund Raising Program.

Endowment Structures and Planned Giving.

What’s Next?

2. Assessing Your Readiness.

Forming the Endowment Advisory Committee.

Evaluating and Building Commitment.

Developing the Case Statement.

Cornerstones of Endowment Fund Raising.

More Important Factors in Endowment-Building Success.

Conducting a Feasib ility Study.

Study Models.

What’s Next?

3. Volunteer and Staff Leadership.

Creating Endowment-Building Committees.

What to Look for in Staff and Volunteers.

De.ning Roles and Responsibilities.

Selecting and Recruiting.

Board Challenges.

Staff Challenges.

What’s Next?

4. Building Endowment Systems.

Choosing a Fund Raising Approach.

Choosing Endowment Types and Structures.


Record Keeping.

What’s Next?

5. Identifying, Cultivating, and Soliciting Prospects.

Developing a Marketing Plan.

Articulating the Message.

Executing the Plan.

Building Relationships.

Choosing Cultivation Methods.

Unique Characteristics of the Endowment Solicitation.

Key Principles of Solicitation.

Sequence of Solicitation.

What’s Next?

6. Stewardship.

Financial Reporting.

Providing Exposure to Programs.

Encouraging Active Roles.

Communicating Regularly and Being Inclusive.

Your Ongoing Commitment.

A Checklist for Your Complete.

Endowment-Building Process.

Recommended Resources.

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