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Building Your Team's Morale, Pride, and Spirit

Building Your Team's Morale, Pride, and Spirit

ISBN: 978-1-118-15528-8

Aug 2011, Pfeiffer

32 pages


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To build morale, pride, and spirit, a leader needs to possess certain characteristics and skills. This book will help you determine your current level of readiness in these areas. It describes two key factors: time spent together in shared experiences and communication among team members. When morale, pride, and spirit are enhanced, there is a positive response of cooperation and loyalty from team members toward the leader, the team, and the organization. Productivity and efficiency are enhanced, and there are tangible economic and relational outcomes. The leader is the key to the success of the entire process.
7 What Are Morale, Pride, and Spirit?

9 Meeting Social Needs

10 Laying the Foundation

12 The Leader’s Role

16 How to Build Morale, Pride, and Spirit

Shared Experiences


Other Tools and Activities

23 Handling Opposition

25 Onward and Upward

26 Suggested Readings

26 Background

27 Key Point Summary