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Building a Scholarship of Assessment

Building a Scholarship of Assessment

Trudy W. Banta and Associates

ISBN: 978-0-470-62307-7

Apr 2002, Jossey-Bass

368 pages

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In this book, leading experts in the field examine the current state of assessment practice and scholarship, explore what the future holds for assessment, and offer guidance to help educators meet these new challenges. The contributors root assessment squarely in several related disciplines to provide an overview of assessment practice and scholarship that will prove useful to both the seasoned educator and those new to assessment practice. Ultimately, Building a Scholarship of Assessment will help convince skeptics who still believe outcomes assessment is a fad and will soon fade away that this is an interdisciplinary area with deep roots and an exciting future.

Preface ix

The Authors xiii

Part One: History and Current Status of Assessment 1

1 An Emerging Scholarship: A Brief History of Assessment 3
Peter T. Ewell

2 Promoting Academic Improvement: Organizational and Administrative Dynamics That Support Student Assessment 26
Marvin W. Peterson and Derek S. Vaughan

Part Two: Theoretical Foundations of Assessment 47

3 The Roots of Assessment: Tensions, Solutions, and Research Directions 49
Peter J. Gray

4 A Scholar-Practitioner Model for Assessment 67
T. Dary Erwin and Steven L. Wise

5 Enacting a Collaborative Scholarship of Assessment 82
Marcia Mentkowski and Georgine Loacker

6 The Scholarly Assessment of Student Development 100
George D. Kuh, Robert M. Gonyea, and Daisy P. Rodriguez

Part Three: Methods of Assessment 129

7 Measurement Issues in Outcomes Assessment 131
Gary R. Pike

8 Web Applications in Assessment 148
Mark D. Shermis and Kathryn E. Daniels

9 Information Support for Assessment 167
Victor M. H. Borden

Part Four: Scholarly Assessment 183

10 Engaging and Supporting Faculty in the Scholarship of Assessment: Guidelines from Research and Best Practice 185
Thomas Anthony Angelo

11 Scholarly Assessment of Student Learning in the Major and General Education 201
Catherine A. Palomba

12 Program Review: A Spectrum of Perspectives and Practices 223
Karen E. Black and Kimberly A. Kline

13 Accreditation and the Scholarship of Assessment 240
Barbara D. Wright

Part Five: Toward a Scholarship of Assessment 259

14 Characteristics of Effective Outcomes Assessment: Foundations and Examples 261
Trudy W. Banta

15 A Call for Transformation 284
Trudy W. Banta

References 293

Name Index 319

Subject Index 325