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Building an Authentic Leadership Image

Building an Authentic Leadership Image

Corey Criswell, David P. Campbell

ISBN: 978-1-604-91003-2

Feb 2008, Pfeiffer

100 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Your image can be either an asset or a liability for you as a leader. Image building is neither superficial nor unimportant. It's not about creating a false image, but recognizing genuine aspects of yourself that should be coming across to other people-but aren't. Crafting your image requires you to gain a clear picture of the image people are currently perceiving, decide what image you would like to portray, and develop the skills to close the gap.
7 A Leader's Image

9 Why Manage Image?

16 Assessing Your Image

20 Choosing Your Image

21 Closing the Gap

26 Practicing Your Image

28 Suggested Readings

29 Background

30 Key Point Summary