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Building the Successful Veterinary Practice, Volume 1, Leadership Tools



Building the Successful Veterinary Practice, Volume 1, Leadership Tools

Thomas E. Catanzaro

ISBN: 978-0-813-82819-0 February 1997 Wiley-Blackwell 180 Pages


This is the first volume of a multi-volume set of veterinary practice leadership and management resources. Veterinarians will discover the concepts and tools that can enable them to help the staff in their practices develop into a team, one that eagerly responds to changes in the marketplace and is committed to improvement.

Catanzaro has written in pragmatic terms about: the attitudes that promote a sense of teamwork; evaluating and developing your own leadership skills; the structure of a successful group; communication techniques; and Continuous Quality Improvement--all with an eye on the special circumstances and dynamics within veterinary practices. Appendices include a glossary of terms, leadership calibration instruments, summary leadership skill sessions, and suggestions for additional reading. The next volume in the series will address key programs to enhance net income.

Introduction; Nurturing Your Leadership Competencies; Skill Is Not Enough; The Competencies Iceberg; Redesigning Leadership; Review; Chapter One The Foundation: Attitude of a Leader; Definition of a Team Player; Personal Roles in the Team; Listening Skills; How to Build a Team; The Infinity Model; The Values of Granddad; Review; Chapter Two The Framework: Skills of Leadership; Definition of Leadership; Traits of Leadership; Leadership Principles; Leadership Skills for Veterinary Practices; Evaluating Your Leadership Qualities (LQ); Commitment; OTeam TPRO Evaluation Survey; The Framework Flow; Review; Chapter Three Closing in the Structure: The Glue to Hold It Together; Styles of Leadership; The Leader?s Management Checklist; Designing Recognitions and Rewards; The Importance of Effective Communication; Planning Should Mean Putting It Together Right; A New Method for Staff Evaluation; Review; Chapter Four Inside Finishing: Sharing the Vision and Power with Others; Continuous Quality Improvement; The Pillars of CQI Excellence; The Only Constant Is Change; Three-Stage Planning Process; Abuse and Neglect of the CQI Process; Quality Transformation; CQI Checklists; Value Management with Continuous Quality Improvement; Review; Appendix A; Leadership Calibration Instruments; Appendix B.

Leadership Skills Handout