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Bull's-Eye! The Ultimate How-To Marketing and Sales Guide for CPAs



Bull's-Eye! The Ultimate How-To Marketing and Sales Guide for CPAs

Tracy C. Warren

ISBN: 978-0-870-51871-3 November 2016 464 Pages

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Sponsored by PCPS and the Association for Accounting Marketing

Whether your firm is getting back into the full swing of marketing and you are looking for some new ideas to jumpstart your sales efforts, or you are getting serious about business development for the first time, this book is designed for you. Its purpose is to inspire, teach, and provide you with practical insight to help build results-oriented marketing and sales programs in your organization.

Bull’s-Eye is a collaboration of 37 of the industry’s most successful marketing and sales minds. Collectively these gifted professionals have served as pioneering practitioners inside the profession, and as outside advisors and thought leaders for hundreds, even thousands of CPAs and their firms. They give you an insider’s view of what it takes to build marketing initiatives that produce results. Through the principles, best practices and case studies shared in the book, you can see success doesn’t happen by chance, but through careful planning, development, and implementation of well-designed processes, systems, and tools.

This compendium of marketing know-how shows you how to build your marketing team, implement marketing techniques that get you noticed, connect the dots between marketing and sales, measure results, and much, much more.

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Marketing is Cool Again!

Acknowledgments  xx

About the Editor xxi

About the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants  xxi

About the Association for Accounting Marketing  xxi

Part i: Are You Ready?

Chapter 1 Does Your Firm Have the Right Culture for Success?
By Tracy Crevar Warren

Chapter 2 Marketing and Sales 101: A Primer for CPA Firms
By Tracy Crevar Warren and Jamie Trayner

Chapter 3 The Integration Imperative: Erasing Marketing and Business Development Silos
By Suzanne C. Lowe and Scott Jensen

Part ii: Getting Started

Chapter 4 The Marketing Plan: An Audit-Based Approach
By August J. Aquila, PhD

Chapter 5 Developing a Personal Marketing Plan
By Tracy Crevar Warren

Chapter 6 Marketing an Industry or Service Specialization
By Jean Marie Caragher

Chapter 7 Marketing for the Multi-Office Firm
By Katie Tolin

Chapter 8 Budgeting Techniques for Today’s CPA Firm
By Art Kuesel

Part iii: Building the Team

Chapter 9 Your Leadership Makes Business Development Happen
By Melinda Guillemette

Chapter 10 A Buyer’s Guide to Hiring a Marketing Professional
By Sally Glick

Chapter 11 The Firm Administrator as Marketing Director
By Diane Paoletta, CPA

Chapter 12 The Case for Utilizing a Sales Professional at Your Firm
By Christopher J. Perrino

Chapter 13 The Outside Consultant: More Than an Expert
By Cheryl Bascomb

Part iv: Marketing Techniques that Get You Noticed

Chapter 14 Why Should I Consider Advertising?
By Joe Walsh

Chapter 15 Successfully Branding Your Firm
By Allan S. Boress, CPA, CVA

Chapter 16 Getting Your Name in Lights With Public Relations
By Christine Heirlmaier Nelson

Chapter 17 Adding Social Media to Your Marketing Mix
By Joe Rotella

Chapter 18 Guide to an Effective CPA Firm Web Site
By D. Michelle Golden

Chapter 19 Effectively Using Direct Mail
By Marsha Leest

Chapter 20 Guidelines for Effective Brochures
By Amy M. Clutter

Chapter 21 Newsletters That Get Noticed
By Sally Glick

Chapter 22 Databases That Fuel Your Marketing Efforts
By Michelle Class

Chapter 23 Creating Opportunities Through Community Engagement
By Karen Love and Raissa Evans 265

Chapter 24 Referral Source Development: The Most Powerful, but Underutilized Business Development Tactic
By Eileen P. Monesson

Chapter 25 Utilizing Seminars to Build Your Practice
By Leisa Gill

Chapter 26 Building Opportunity Through Trade Shows
By Colleen Rudio

Part v: The Handoff—Connecting the Dots between Marketing and Sales

Chapter 27 From Opportunity to New Client
By Gale Crosley, CPA

Chapter 28 Creating Proposals That Win
By Dawn Wagenaar

Chapter 29 Win More New Business With Effective Sales Management
By Rick Solomon, CPA

Chapter 30 Cross-Serving Clients: Integrating Sales and Service Delivery
By Russ Molinar

Chapter 31 Sales Training: The Key to Better Service and Better Clients
By Rick Solomon, CPA

Part vi: Measuring Results, Communicating, and Rewarding Success

Chapter 32 In-House Marketing Communications That Foster Success
By Jill R. Lock

Chapter 33 Effective Employee Incentive Programs: How to Bring Out the Best in Your Firm
By Lisa A. Rozycki

Chapter 34 Marketing and Sales Metrics Matter: Measuring Results, Calculating Return on Investment
By Mitchell Reno and Tracy Crevar Warren

Part vii: Delivering and Measuring Client Service

Chapter 35 Gaining Client Feedback to Strengthen Your Practice
By Linda Slothower and Julie S. Tucek

Chapter 36 Developing a Service Excellence Plan for Clients
By Susan Wylie Lanfray

Chapter 37 Letting Go: Evaluating and Firing Clients
By Mark Koziel, CPA