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Bull's Eye Investing: Targeting Real Returns in a Smoke and Mirrors Market



Bull's Eye Investing: Targeting Real Returns in a Smoke and Mirrors Market

John Mauldin

ISBN: 978-1-118-16092-3 July 2011 432 Pages


The era of buying and holding stocks is gone -- and will not return for some time. Now is the time to learn to target where the market is going to be, not where it has been, so you can invest successfully. Financial expert John Mauldin makes a powerful, almost irrefutable case regarding the future direction of the markets. He then details a new approach to investing that will allow you to adjust to the new reality of investing. You'll consider options beyond traditional stock portfolios as you learn to choose between the stable and secure investments that will enable you to profit in turbulent markets. Buy your copy of this must-read investment roadmap today.


1. Car Wreck, Traffic Jam, or Freeway?

2. Faith versus History.

3. The Trend Is Your Friend (Until It Isn’t).

4. Catching the Next Wave.

5. Into the Matrix: History’s Guide to Realistic Expectations.

6. Financial Physics: Interconnected Relationships.

7. Risky Expectations.

8. Plausible Expectations: A Realistic Appraisal of the Prospects for Earnings Growth.

9. Pension Fund Problems in Your Backyard.

10. The Issue of Retirement in an Aging World: Is It Something in the Water?

11. Demography Is Destiny.

12. King Dollar and the Guillotine.

13. The Muddle Through Economy.

14. Chairman Greenspan and the Shoot-Out at the OK Corral.

15. Why Investors Fail: Analyzing Risk.

16. Taking Stock: The Fundamental Nature of Bull’s Eye Investing.

17. Bringing Out Your Inner Spock.

18. The Value in Stocks.

19. Investing in Bonds: Or the Sisyphus Syndrome.

20. Hedge Funds 101: The Basics.

21. Investing in a Fund of Hedge Funds.

22. Doing Your Due Diligence.

23. All That Glitters, Etc.

24. Bull’s Eye Investing.

Appendix A: Suggested Reading Material.

Appendix B: Bond Information.

Appendix C: Hedge Fund Industry Resources.

Appendix D: Hedge Fund Net Worth Requirements: Why a Million Isn’t Always Enough.

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  • Includes practical information that can help students choose stable and secure investments.
  • Examines the state of today’s economy, and suggests relevant investment strategies to implement in this type of economy.
  • Written by an established investment expert.