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Business Coaching and Mentoring For Dummies



Business Coaching and Mentoring For Dummies

Marie Taylor, Steve Crabb

ISBN: 978-1-119-07377-2 February 2016 400 Pages

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Don't fall behind—Coach your business toward success!

Business Coaching & Mentoring For Dummies explores effective coaching strategies that guide you in coaching and mentoring your colleagues. With insight into key coaching concepts and an impressive range of tools, this easy-to-use resource helps you transform your team—and yourself in the process! Written from the perspective of a business coach, this comprehensive book explores the practical coaching skill set, tools, and techniques that will help you along your way, and explains how to identify who to coach, what to coach, how to coach, and when to coach. Whether you have experience in a coaching and mentoring role or you're new to the coaching game, this is a valuable must-have resource.

The right approach to business coaching can take your company from good to great—it can also improve employee satisfaction, employee loyalty, team morale, and your bottom line. The trick is to approach business coaching in a way that is effective and flexible, ensuring that you achieve results while meeting the unique needs of your team. This comprehensive text will help you:

  • Understand the foundational concepts of business coaching and mentoring
  • Discover how proper coaching and mentoring methods can help get a business on the right track
  • Identify and leverage tools to develop your business leadership mindset
  • Create a successful personal and business identity with the support and guidance of a coach

Business Coaching & Mentoring For Dummies is an essential resource for business owners, business leaders, coaches, and mentors who want to take their skills to the next level.

Part I: Getting Started with Business Coaching and Mentoring 5

Chapter 1: Navigating the World of Coaching and Mentoring 7

Chapter 2: Presenting a Compelling Case for Coaching and Mentoring 25

Chapter 3: Assessing Clients’ Needs before Coaching 41

Chapter 4: Developing the Skills and Knowledge Base of a Coach and Mentor 61

Part II: Coaching and Mentoring to Get a Business on the Right Track 83

Chapter 5: Coaching Clients through Their Blind Spots 85

Chapter 6: Telling a Compelling Story in Business 105

Chapter 7: Mentoring to Assess Business without Rose‐tinted Spectacles 127

Chapter 8: Developing Vision, Mission and Values Using Simple

Coaching Methods 143

Chapter 9: Coaching to Transform Visions into Workable Plans 163

Part III: Tools to Develop the Business Leader’s Mindset 185

Chapter 10: Managing the Inner World of Thoughts and Emotions 187

Chapter 11: Helping Leaders Recognise ‘I Did It My Way’ Isn’t the Best Epitaph 213

Chapter 12: Mentoring for Personal Success and Empowering Leadership 229

Part IV: Creating a Successful Business Identity with the Support of a Coach 247

Chapter 13: Developing the Brand of You 249

Chapter 14: Developing Relationships at All Levels 271

Chapter 15: Coaching to Help Business Engage, Inform and Influence 297

Part V: The Part of Tens 319

Chapter 16: Ten or So Online Resources to Boost Coaching and Mentoring Effectiveness 321

Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Overcome Objections and Change Opinions 329

Chapter 18: Ten Tips for Leaders Who Coach or Mentor People in Business 337

Chapter 19: Ten Questions to Keep a Business on Track 349

Index 357