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Business Continuity For Dummies

Business Continuity For Dummies

The Cabinet Office

ISBN: 978-1-118-32680-0

Aug 2012

304 pages


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The easy way to ensure your business is prepared for anything

If disaster struck, could your business continue to operate? It might be a fire, flood, storm, technical failure, or a quality control failure - whichever way, how can you minimize the risk of disruption to your business?

Business Continuity For Dummies clearly sets out how to identify the risks to your organization, how to create your own BCM plan, how to apply BCM in practice and what to do if the worst does happen.

  • Assess and minimize the risk of disruption to your business
  • Create your own business continuity plan
  • Apply business continuity in practice

What are you waiting for? Take action now to ensure the survival of your business with Business Continuity For Dummies.

Introduction 1

Part I: Discovering Business Continuity 7

Chapter 1: Introducing Business Continuity 9

Chapter 2: Understanding the Importance of Business Continuity 19

Chapter 3: Achieving Rapid Results and Quick Wins 33

Part II: Starting Out on Your Business Continuity Journey 51

Chapter 4: Focusing on What’s Important: Business Impact Analysis 53

Chapter 5: Considering the Risks to Your Business 71

Chapter 6: Building Resilience in Your Supply Chain 95

Chapter 7: Selecting the Right Continuity Strategies 107

Chapter 8: Developing Your Business Continuity Plan 127

Part III: Embedding Business Continuity into Your Company 141

Chapter 9: Building a Great Business Continuity Team 143

Chapter 10: Managing a Crisis 153

Chapter 11: Validating Your Business Continuity Plan 171

Part IV: Examining Business Continuity in Specific Contexts 193

Chapter 12: Calling in the Experts 195

Chapter 13: Viewing Business Continuity from a Manufacturing Perspective 207

Chapter 14: Developing a Retail Business Continuity Programme 217

Chapter 15: Using Business Continuity with Professional Services Firms 225

Chapter 16: Making Insurance Work 235

Part V: The Part of Tens 249

Chapter 17: Ten Top Tips for Keeping Your IT in Great Shape 251

Chapter 18: Ten Tips for Communicating Internally During a Disruption 257

Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Effective External Communication in a Crisis 263

Index 269