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Business Orchestration: Strategic Leadership in the Era of Digital Convergence

Business Orchestration: Strategic Leadership in the Era of Digital Convergence

Johan Wallin

ISBN: 978-0-470-03295-4

Aug 2006

414 pages



Digital convergence is redefining industries, and putting information, knowledge and collaboration at the heart of strategic leadership and management. In the face of such change it is those leaders who can ‘orchestrate’ a complex network of employees, customers and suppliers in a single ongoing learning experience that will succeed. Exploring four learning roles for customers (information acquirer; explorer; performer; inventor) and orchestrators (conductor; architect; auctioneer; promoter), Business Orchestration provides a strategic view of how to harness digital convergence by mobilizing and integrating the resources of other companies to create business value.


Part I: Conditions for Prime Movership.

1 Value-Creating Capabilities.

2 Focus on Learning.

3 Orchestrating Leadership.

Part II: Learning Contexts.

4 Information Acquisition.

5 Problem Solving.

6 Co-Experiencing.

7 Insight Accumulation.

8 Transitional Objects.

Part III: Building Capabilities.

9 Core Resources.

10 Offering Concepts.

11 Customer Interactions.

12 Value Constellations. Constellations.

13 The IOCC Framework.

Part IV: The Leader as Orchestrator.

14 The Leader as Conductor.

15 The Leader as Architect.

16 The Leader as Auctioneer.

17 The Leader as Promoter.

18 Thriving, Aware, and Engaging.


The Business Idea.

The Business Leader as Statesman.

Orchestration and the World of People.