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Business Plans Kit For Dummies, 5th Edition



Business Plans Kit For Dummies, 5th Edition

Steven D. Peterson, Peter E. Jaret, Barbara Findlay Schenck

ISBN: 978-1-119-24549-0 May 2016 408 Pages


The fast and easy way to construct a winning business plan

If you're looking to establish, expand, or re-energize a business, the best place to start is with a sound business plan—and this new edition of Business Plans Kit For Dummies is here to help you get you started. From getting your hands on start-up money from investors to successfully growing or reimaging your venture, it offers everything you need to craft a well-defined business plan that will set you on a course to get your business moving in the right direction.  

Are you unsure how to draft objectives for managers or deal with displacement? Are you new to hiring employees and need help grasping the ins and outs of creating a new business? No worries! Business Plans Kit For Dummies is brimming with all the tools and expert guidance you need to bring a successful business plan to life and keep your company afloat in any economic environment. Including the latest tips and resources, and packed with lots of helpful examples and sample forms, it offers everything you need to craft a winning business plan and increase the likelihood your business will not only survive, but thrive!

  • Create a sound business plan and clear mission statement
  • Establish and assess your goals and objectives
  • Get start-up money in any economy
  • Increase your business' chances of financial success

If you're a small business owner, investor, or entrepreneur looking for expert guidance on developing and implementing a strategic plan to help your business succeed, Business Plans Kit For Dummies has you covered!

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Started with Business Plans 5

CHAPTER 1: Powering Up for Business Success 7

CHAPTER 2: Developing the Idea That Powers Your Plan 25

CHAPTER 3: Defining Your Business Purpose and Structure 47

Part 2: Developing Your Plan’s Components 77

CHAPTER 4: Understanding Changing Conditions, Customers, and Competition 79

CHAPTER 5: Charting Your Strategic Direction 103

CHAPTER 6: Describing Your Business and Its Capabilities 129

CHAPTER 7: Crafting Your Marketing Plan 155

CHAPTER 8: Finding Your Funding 177

CHAPTER 9: Tallying Your Financial Situation 191

Part 3: Tailoring Your Plan to Fit Your Business 215

CHAPTER 10: Planning for a One-Person Business 217

CHAPTER 11: Planning for a Small Business 241

CHAPTER 12: Planning for a Virtual Business 255

CHAPTER 13: Planning for an Established Business 267

CHAPTER 14: Planning for a Nonprofit Organization 283

CHAPTER 15: Planning in a Transformed World 301

Part 4: Making the Most of Your Plan 315

CHAPTER 16: Putting Your Plan Together 317

CHAPTER 17: Implementing Your Plan 337

Part 5: The Part of Tens 361

CHAPTER 18: Ten Signs That Your Plan May Need an Overhaul 363

CHAPTER 19: Ten Questions to Ask Before You Finish Your Business Plan 369

Appendix: What You Can Find Online 373

Index 379