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Business Ratios and Formulas: A Comprehensive Guide

Business Ratios and Formulas: A Comprehensive Guide

Steven M. Bragg

ISBN: 978-0-471-46348-1

Apr 2003

352 pages

Select type: E-Book



A complete appraisal of analytical tools available to managers to assess performance

"Steve Bragg has created a useful, relevant guide to applying performance measurements across the organization. His practical explanations and examples should enable managers to apply sophisticated performance measures in a straightforward manner. This book will be a great tool for process improvement. It should be well received by managers, accountants, and consultants."
—Clint Davies, Partner (Principal), Berry, Dunn, McNeil & Parker

Business managers require a variety of analytical tools to assess a host of organizational performance standards-from finance, efficiency, capacity, and market share to asset utilization, cash flows, liquidity, and capital structure. Steven Bragg's Business Ratios and Formulas represents a comprehensive resource of nearly 200 operational criteria, allowing managers and auditors to pick and choose the tools they need to best assess their organization's performance. Each cataloged measurement includes a description, an example, and some time-tested troubleshooting. Business Ratios and Formulas proves an authoritative resource for managers wishing to thoroughly assess organizational performance.


Asset Utilization Measurements.

Operating Performance Measurements.

Cash Flow Measurements.

Liquidity Measurements.

Capital Structure and Solvency Measurements.

Return on Investment Measurements.

Market Performance Measurements.

Measurements for the Accounting/Finance Department.

Measurements for the Engineering Department.

Measurements for the Logistics Department.

Measurements for the Production Department.

Measurements for the Sales and Marketing Department.

Measurement Analysis with an Electronic Spreadsheet.

Appendix: Ratio Summary.


"It is an important, Quick Reference item that should be in every business collection." (Choice, April 2003)