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Business Skills All-in-One For Dummies, UK Edition



Business Skills All-in-One For Dummies, UK Edition

Kate Burton (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-94373-0 February 2012 600 Pages


Fulfil your workplace potential with this indispensable handbook.

Written by a team of experts, Business Skills All-in-One For Dummies is your complete guide to perfecting your communication, management and organizational skills. Inside you'll find simple techniques for improving your performance at work - everything from presentation skills, project management, persuading and influencing people, motivating (yourself and others!), managing your workload, managing a team and much more. No other book offers you this much in one volume. It's like having a whole team of business, communication and management experts sitting on your bookshelf...but much less crowded!

Inside you'll find 4 books in 1:

  • Book I: Communicating Effectively (covering communication, presentations, body language, confidence, persuasion & influence)
  • Book II: Building Your Commercial Acumen (covering accounting and budgeting, technology, selling, negotiation)
  • Book III: Managing and Leading Others (recruiting, working in teams and groups, dealing with ethics and office politics, coaching, leadership)
  • Book IV: Increasing Productivity and Performance (time management, project management, achieving goals, motivation, managing stress, organising time, managing meetings and dealing with emails).
Introduction 1

Book I: Communicating Effectively 5

Chapter 1: Creating Rapport 7

Chapter 2: Seeing, Hearing, and Feeling Your Way to Better Communication 21

Chapter 3: Pushing the Communication Buttons 35

Chapter 4: Exploring Body Language 47

Chapter 5: Demonstrating Confi dence in the Workplace 67

Chapter 6: Asking the Right Questions and Listening with Intent 87

Chapter 7: Gearing Your Approach to Your Audience: Understanding Different Decision-Making Styles 103

Chapter 8: Getting Ready to Make a Presentation 127

Chapter 9: Using Great Visual Aids in Your Presentations 137

Chapter 10: Negotiating Powerfully from the Outset 153

Book II: Building Your Commercial Acumen 167

Chapter 1: Get the Right People on Board: Making the Million-Pound Decision 169

Chapter 2: Feeling Confident with Accounting and Budgeting 185

Chapter 3: Harnessing the Power of Technology 211

Chapter 4: The Seven-Step Selling Cycle 221

Chapter 5: Easing Into Change 231

Chapter 6: Dealing with Risk and Uncertainty in Key Projects 251

Book III: Managing and Leading Others 271

Chapter 1: Working Together in Teams and Groups 273

Chapter 2: Tapping into Passion and Purpose 285

Chapter 3: Tuning into Values 301

Chapter 4: Managing Emotional States 311

Chapter 5: Strengthening Relationships in Tough Times 323

Chapter 6: Dealing with Ethics and Office Politics 339

Chapter 7: Coaching through Confl ict 359

Chapter 8: Becoming an Engaging Leader 371

Book IV: Increasing Productivity and Performance 391

Chapter 1: Leading People to Peak Performance 393

Chapter 2: Making Goals Come Alive 407

Chapter 3: Being an Expert at Performance Appraisal and Management 421

Chapter 4: Project Management: The Key to Achieving Results 437

Chapter 5: Looking at Staff Resources on Projects 449

Chapter 6: Finding Your Motivation 471

Chapter 7: Relax, it's Only Work! Stress in the Workplace 481

Chapter 8: Getting Things Done with the Help of Others 501

Chapter 9: Perfecting the Art of Delegation 521

Chapter 10: Organising Your Time and Your Tasks 529

Chapter 11: Making the Most of Meetings 551

Chapter 12: Dealing with Your Emails 559

Index 567