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Business Statistics: A Self-Teaching Guide, 3rd Edition



Business Statistics: A Self-Teaching Guide, 3rd Edition

Donald J. Koosis

ISBN: 978-0-471-16261-2 May 1997 304 Pages


This thoroughly revised edition of the popular guide to the basicsof business statistics--as they apply to management, industry, andtechnology--is an invaluable tool for professionals and studentsalike. Statistics play a vital role in a wide variety of businessdecisions today, from planning and interpreting market research andeconomic data to developing work volume forecasts. With thishands-on, interactive book, you'll learn how to determine whichstatistical tests and procedures are appropriate for yourparticular circumstances, as well as how to actually perform them.Best of all, you work at your own pace. Business Statistics, ThirdEdition, includes:
* A new section focusing on management applications of businessstatistics, particularly as used in popular Total QualityManagement programs
* New information on applying statistics to standard computerspreadsheets (Lotus, Excel, Corel QuattroPro, etc.)
* An interactive style that helps you learn quickly and chart yourprogress with frequent self-tests
Summarizing Data.

Populations and Samples.


Hypothesis Testing.

Differences between Means.

The Difference between Two Variances or Several Means.

The Relation between Two Sets of Measures.

Tracking and Forecasting Changes over Time.

A Test of Distributions.