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Butchery and Sausage-Making For Dummies

Butchery and Sausage-Making For Dummies

Tia Harrison

ISBN: 978-1-118-38744-3 February 2013 384 Pages




Discover how to butcher your own meat and make homemade sausage

With interest in a back-to-basics approach to food on the rise, more and more people are becoming interested in butchering their own meat and making high-quality, preservative-free sausages.

With easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations, Butchery & Sausage-Making For Dummies offers readers a look at how to butcher poultry, rabbit, beef, pork, lamb, and goats. The book will also explore sausage-making, with tips and recipes, and will look at preserving meat through curing and smoking.

  • Offers natural, healthier alternatives for sausages and preserved meats for people wary of processed foods
  • Provides helpful tips and guidance for home cooks and beginner butchers
  • Provides needed guidance for those looking to explore this long-overlooked profession

Butchery & Sausage Making For Dummies is an invaluable resource for home cooks interested in being more responsible about their meat, or those that are looking to save money and enjoy healthier alternatives to what's found in their local grocery store.

Introduction 1

Part I: Time to Meet Your Meat! 7

Chapter 1: The Butchery Room 9

Chapter 2: Meat Is Meat, Right? Wrong! 21

Chapter 3: Cuts and Terminology: The Basics of Butchery 33

Chapter 4: Basic Knife Skills, Tools, and Techniques 45

Part II: Poultry, Rabbit, and Lamb Butchery 61

Chapter 5: Duck, Duck, Goose, Chickens: Starting with Poultry 63

Chapter 6: What’s Up, Doc? Rascally Rabbits! 85

Chapter 7: Baaaaack to Basics: Lamb and Goat Butchery 99

Part III: Pork Butchery 121

Chapter 8: Porky Pig: Understanding the Beast 123

Chapter 9: Pork: Cutting It Up 133

Chapter 10: Moving into Pork Subprimals 151

Part IV: Beef Butchery 173

Chapter 11: What’s Your Beef? Understanding the Cuts 175

Chapter 12: Beef: The Forequarter 185

Chapter 13: Beef: The Hindquarter 221

Part V: Sausage-Making and Using the Whole Animal 245

Chapter 14: Setting Yourself Up for Sausage 247

Chapter 15: Sausage-Making Techniques 257

Chapter 16: Scrumptious Sausage Recipes 273

Chapter 17: Processing Techniques: The Good Kind 299

Part VI: The Part of Tens 313

Chapter 18: Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Butchering 315

Chapter 19: Top Ten Grilling Cuts 321

Chapter 20: Ten Sssshhhhausage-Making Secrets 327

Index 333