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Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware

Terry Ryder

ISBN: 978-1-876-62789-8

Nov 2001, Wrightbooks

192 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Author, Terry Ryder, has long been an eloquent critic of the real estate industry -- a vast and complex industry that, he claims, has been allowed to grow fat on the Australian passion for owning your own home. Terry, like many Australians, is outraged that, at every step of the path to property ownership, first-home buyers and others are being stung by processes that are under-regulated or regulated but not policed, or not regulated at all. In response to such criticism he is tired of hearing that well-worn platitude 'buyer beware'. This serves only to push the responsibility unfairly back onto those caught up in the infinite web of lenders, developers, agents, builders, brokers, lawyers, valuers, accountants and tradespeople. In his popular first book, Confessions of a Real Estate Agent, the author invited readers to write in and share with him experiences of dealings with members of the real estate industry. This is where he started his research for Buyer Beware and this book takes the reader on a house-of-horrors journey that exposes many players in the industry: from those on the shonky seminar circuit to others expounding the virtues of easy finance.