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CAD for Interiors Basics, with DVD

Joseph A. Fiorello

ISBN: 978-0-470-18573-5 February 2009 220 Pages


CAD for Interiors: Basics is a practical guide to getting started in AutoCAD(r) for interior designers. Taking a hands-on approach, the reader is taken on a step-by-step process to draw a detailed building floor plan. Beginning with instruction on how to create project templates, the reader works their way up to a professional-quality presentation. The basics of Architectural Desktop(r) and 3-D CAD are also included.

An included DVD complements the book, presenting videos of detailed AutoCAD(r) commands demonstrating the book's instruction using a unique audio-visual approach. No other product for designers offers a blended approach to make learning visually exciting and effective.

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Chapter 1. Interacting with AutoCAD.

Launching AutoCAD.

Starting a New Session of AutoCAD.

Maneuvering the User Interface.

Interacting with AutoCAD.

Chapter 2. Preparing to Draw.

Launching and Saving a New AutoCAD Drawing File.

Basic Drafting Settings- The Status Bar.

Basic Core Commands for Drawing and Modifying.

Drawing a Line at a Precise Distance from 0.0.

Drawing a Line at  Precise Distance and Angle.

Closing a Drawing.

Chapter 3. Drawing a Base Plan.

Starting the Living Room Plan.

Creating a Block Library.

Drawing the Interior Elements of the Floor Plan.

Adding Hatch to Your Drawing.

Close and Save the Drawing.

Chapter 4. Adding Text and Dimensions to a Drawing.

Text Heights.

The Styles Toolbar.

Adding Text to the Drawing.

Adding Dimensions to the Drawing.

Close and Save the Drawing.

Chapter 5. Adding Layers to a Drawing.

Adding the Layers.

Assigning Objects to the Appropriate Layers.

Managing Layers.

Close and Save the Drawing.

Chapter 6. Adding the Base Plan.

The Reflecting Ceiling Plan.

Creating al Lighting Legend.

Chapter 7. Drawing Interior Sections and Elevations.

External References (Xrefs).

Drawing Interior Sections/Elevations.

Adding Notes and Dimensions to the Elevations.

Close and Save the Drawing.

Chapter 8. Creating a Titleblock and Template File.

Typical Paper and Page Sizes.

Inserting Blocks into Layout Space.

Creating a Template File.

Chapter 9. Layout Space and Plotting a Drawing.

The Plan Drawings.

Chapter 10. Introduction to Google Sketchup.

Google SketchUp.

Core Commands.

Importing an AutoCAD Drawing.

Import the File.

Beginning Model Construction.

Exporting Elements from the Drawing File.

Close and Save.


  • Explains the AutoCAD Classic workspace and introduces AutoCAD® 2008 & 2009
  • Gives interior designers and architects the basic instruction needed to create a floor plans, sections and elevations: no experience required!
  • An included DVD complements the book, presenting videos of detailed AutoCAD® commands demonstrating the book's instruction using a unique audio-visual approach