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CCNA Wireless Study Guide: IUWNE Exam 640-721

CCNA Wireless Study Guide: IUWNE Exam 640-721

Todd Lammle

ISBN: 978-0-470-90171-7

Aug 2010

600 pages

Select type: E-Book


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A complete guide to the CCNA Wireless exam by leading networking authority Todd Lammle

The CCNA Wireless certification is the most respected entry-level certification in this rapidly growing field. Todd Lammle is the undisputed authority on networking, and this book focuses exclusively on the skills covered in this Cisco certification exam.

The CCNA Wireless Study Guide joins the popular Sybex study guide family and helps network administrators advance their careers with a highly desirable certification.

  • The CCNA Wireless certification is the most respected entry-level wireless certification for system administrators looking to advance their careers
  • Written by Todd Lammle, the leading networking guru and author of numerous bestselling certification guides
  • Provides in-depth coverage of every exam objective and the technology developed by Cisco for wireless networking
  • Covers WLAN fundamentals, installing a basic Cisco wireless LAN and wireless clients, and implementing WLAN security
  • Explains the operation of basic WCS, basic WLAN maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Companion CD includes the Sybex Test Engine, flashcards, and entire book in PDF format
  • Includes hands-on labs, end-of-chapter review questions, Exam Essentials overview, Real World Scenarios, and a tear-out objective map showing where each exam objective is covered

The CCNA Wireless Study Guide prepares any network administrator for exam success.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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Introduction xxi

Assessment Test xxx

Chapter 1 Wireless Networks and Topologies 1

Wireless Networks 2

Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) 3

Wireless LAN (WLAN) 4

Wireless Metro Area Network (WMAN) 4

Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) 5

Basic Wireless Devices 5

Wireless Access Points 5

Wireless Network Interface Card (NIC) 7

Wireless Antennas 8

Wireless Topologies 9

Independent Basic Service Set (Ad Hoc) 9

Basic Service Set (BSS) 10

Infrastructure Basic Service Set 11

Service Set ID 12

Extended Service Set 12

Workgroup Bridge 14

Repeaters 15

Bridging 16

Mesh Networks 17

Switching 19

VLAN Memberships 21

Static VLANs 21

Dynamic VLANs 21

Types of Switch Ports 22

Frame Tagging 24

VLAN Trunking Protocols 24

Configuring VLANs 25

Assigning Switch Ports to VLANs 27

Configuring Trunk Ports 28

Summary 32

Exam Essentials 32

Written Lab 1 33

Review Questions 34

Answers to Review Questions 38

Answers to Written Lab 1 40

Chapter 2 WLAN RF Fundamentals 41

Introducing Radio Frequency (RF) 43

RF Basics 43

Radio Frequency Behaviors 46

RF Operational Requirements 51

RF Math 54

RF Values 54

Rule of 3s and 10s 57

WLAN Antennas 60

Antenna Principles 60

Polarization 61

Diversity 62

Antenna Types 63

Semidirectional 67

Highly Directional 68

Antenna Accessories 69

Summary 73

Exam Essentials 74

Written Lab 75

Review Questions 76

Answers to Review Questions 80

Answers to Written Lab 82

Chapter 3 Spread Spectrum Technologies and Modulations 83

Transmission Methods: An Overview 84

Spread Spectrum 85

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum 86

Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum 88

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing 91

Channel Management and Overlap 96

Channel Overlap Techniques 98

Summary 99

Exam Essentials 100

Written Lab 101

Review Questions 102

Answers to Review Questions 104

Answers to Written Lab 105

Chapter 4 Wireless Regulation Bodies, Standards, and Certifications 107

Wireless Regulations 108

IEEE 802.11 Transmission 109

Unlicensed Bands 110

IEEE Wireless 112

2.4GHz (802.11b) 113

2.4GHz (802.11g) 116

5GHz (802.11a) 119

5GHz (802.11h) 121

2.4GHz/5GHz (802.11n) 123

Wireless Frames 126


Three Frames Types 128

A Closer Look at Management Frames 133

A Closer Look at Control Frames 141

Nonstandard Wireless Technologies 144

Bluetooth 144

Cordless Phones 145

ZigBee 145

Non-802.11 Interfering Devices 146

WiMAX 146

Summary 148

Exam Essentials 148

Written Lab 149

Review Questions 150

Answers to Review Questions 154

Answers to Written Lab 156

Chapter 5 Introduction to Wireless Security 157

Wireless Threats 158

Rogue APs 159

Ad Hoc Networks 159

Denial of Service 160

Passive Attacks 162

Open Access 163

Security Measures 164

Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs) and

Media Access Control (MAC) Address Authentication 165

Authentication 165

Encryption 176

Centralized Key Management 183

Implementation Standards 184

Summary 188

Exam Essentials 188

Written Lab 189

Review Questions 190

Answers to Review Questions 194

Answers to Written Lab 196

Chapter 6 Wireless Clients and Cisco Extension (CCX) 197

Wireless Clients 198

Windows XP 198

Windows Vista 203

Windows 7 208

Apple 208

Linux 210

Cisco’s Supplicants 212

Cisco ADU 212

Cisco Secure Services Client 217

Installation 217

Cisco-Compatible Extensions 220

CCX Versions 1 Through 5 220

Summary 221

Exam Essentials 221

Written Lab 223

Hands-on Labs 224

Hands-on Lab 6.1: Installing the ADU 224

Hands-on Lab 6.2: Creating a Profile 224

Review Questions 226

Answers to Review Questions 230

Answers to Written Lab 232

Chapter 7 Introduction to the Cisco Unified Wireless Network (CUWN) 233

WLAN Deployment Models 234

Stand-alone Model 235

Lightweight Model 236

Cisco Unified Network Devices 239

Access Points 239

Wireless LAN Controllers 242

Wireless Control Systems 244

Lightweight AP Operation and Maintenance 245

AP Discovery and Association 245

Redundancy 250

AP Modes 252

Roaming 255

Mobility Groups 255

Layer 2 and Layer 3 Roaming 257

Radio Resource Management 259

Summary 260

Exam Essentials 261

Written Lab 262

Review Questions 263

Answers to Review Questions 267

Answers to Written Lab 268

Chapter 8 Introduction to the Cisco Mobility Express Wireless Architecture 269

Cisco Mobility Express 270

Small Business Communication System 270

Express Wireless Architecture 272

Cisco Mobility Express vs. CUWN Features Comparison 274

Using the Cisco Configuration Assistant 275

The Discovery Process with the CCA 279

Configuring the Express 526WLC Without the CCA 280

Summary 281

Exam Essentials 281

Written Lab 283

Hands-On Labs 283

Hands-on Lab 8.1: Installing the CCA and Connecting to the 526WLC 283

Hands-on Lab 8.2: Connecting Directly to the 526WLC Through the Management Port 284

Review Questions 285

Answers to Review Questions 289

Answers to Written Lab 290

Chapter 9 Installing the Cisco Unified Wireless Network (CUWN) 291

Understanding Controller Interfaces 292

Ports 292

Types of Interfaces 293

WLC Management 297

Initial Setup Options 298

Managing Stand-alone APs 309

Connecting To and Managing a Stand-alone AP 310

Express Setup and Security 313

Migrating Stand-alone APs 315

Reverting Back to Cisco IOS 317

Summary 318

Exam Essentials 318

Written Lab 320

Hands-On Labs 320

Lab 9.1: Performing the Initial Setup via the Service Port 320

Lab 9.2: Creating a WLAN 321

Lab 9.3: Performing the Initial Setup via the Serial Port 322

Lab 9.4: Adding an Administrative User on the WLC 322

Lab 9.5: Executing the Express Setup on a Stand-alone AP 323

Review Questions 324

Answers to Review Questions 328

Answers to Written Lab 330

Chapter 10 Configuring Wireless Security on the CUWN 331

Security and the Connection Process 332

Configuring Security on the WLC 333

Settings per WLAN 333

Global Settings 339

Configuring the Clients 340

Windows Zero Configuration 341

Linux Network Manager 345

Mac AirPort Extreme 346

Cisco ADU 348

Summary 349

Exam Essentials 349

Written Lab 351

Hands-On Labs 352

Lab 10.1: Configuring the WLC for WPA PSK 352

Lab 10.2: Configuring the WLC for 802.1x 353

Review Questions 354

Answers to Review Questions 358

Answers to Written Lab 360

Chapter 11 Wireless Control System (WCS) 361

Basics of WCS 362

WCS Versions 363

WCS Licensing 364

Cisco WCS Navigator 366

Installing and Upgrading WCS 366

Configuring Ports 366

Performing a New WCS Install 367

Upgrading WCS 374

Verifying the Upgrade/Installation 375

Basic WCS Setup 375

Configuring Passwords 376

Administration Tasks 376

Background Tasks 378

AAA 379

Configuring WLCs and APs 384

Managing the Controllers 390

Configuring Maps 396

Setting Up Campus Maps 396

Setting Up Building Maps 399

Setting Up Floor Plan Maps 400

Setting Up APs on Maps 401

Monitoring the CUWN with WCS 404

Personalizing the Home Page 405

Using the Monitor Tab 407

Locating Devices 412

Summary 412

Exam Essentials 413

Written Lab 414

Hands-On Labs 414

Lab 11.1: Installing the WCS 414

Lab 11.2: Creating an Administrative Account 416

Review Questions 417

Answers to Review Questions 421

Answers to Written Lab 422

Chapter 12 WLAN Maintenance and Troubleshooting 423

Basic Troubleshooting Methods 424

WLCs 425

APs 426

Clients 426

Troubleshooting Tools 432

Troubleshooting a Client Association with a WLAN Analyzer 432

GUI Tools on the WLC 432

GUI Tools on the WCS 434

WLC CLI Troubleshooting 436

debug Commands 436

show Commands 440

Logging 441

RF Deployment Considerations 449

Interference Sources 449

Conducting the All-Important Site Survey 454

WLC and WCS Configuration and OS Files 458

Code Upgrades 458

WLC Configuration Backups 462

Collecting Information on the APs 465

WLC Access Methods 466

GUI 467

CLI 467

Summary 469

Exam Essentials 469

Written Lab 470

Hands-On Labs 470

Lab 12.1: Upgrading the Code Version on the WCS 471

Lab 12.2: Performing a Manual Backup of the WCS Database 471

Lab 12.3: Performing a Controller Code Update 472

Review Questions 473

Answers to Review Questions 476

Answers to Written Lab 478

Appendix About the Companion CD 479

Glossary 483

Index 493

ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
114Text correction: Misidentified WGB
Last paragraph, second sentence: "The uWGB will establish..." should read:
"The aWGB will establish..."

134Text correction: Errors in Review Question 1. and options
Review Question 1., "Which is true regarding uWGB's?" should read "Which is true regarding aWGB's?"

Options A. and B. should refer to aWGB and not uWGB.

The answer and explanation are correct following these changes.

134Text correction: Error in Review Question 2.
Review Question 2., "Which is true regarding aWGB's? should read: "Which is true regarding uWGB's?"

Options C. and D. should refer to uWGB and not aWGB.

138Misidentified WGBs in Answers to Review Questions 1. and 2.
The explanation for the answer to Review Question 1. should read "This question is about autonomous,..."

The explanation for the answer to Review Question 2. should read "This question is about universal,..."
2/14/121st and 2nd

11398Text correction: Misidentified image file type
In the sidebar titled Adding an Image to Your Configuration, the second sentence contains an error.

"The image file can be a JPEG, GIF, BMP, or PNG file." should read:

"The image file can be a JPEG, JPG, GIF, or PNG file."
11/16/101st and 2nd

11413Text correction: Error in Chapter 11 Exam Essentials
The first Item under Exam Essentials, "Know how to add a WLS to the WLC..." should read:
"Know how to add a WLC to the WCS..."
11/16/101st and 2nd

11413Text correction: Misidentified image file type in Chapter 11 Exam Essentials
In the third item in the list, BMP is incorrectly identified as an allowable type of image file. The list of file types should read "?GIF, JPEG, JPG, and PNG.?
11/16/101st and 2nd