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CDM Regulations Procedures Manual, 2nd Edition



CDM Regulations Procedures Manual, 2nd Edition

Stuart D. Summerhayes

ISBN: 978-0-470-68050-6 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 176 Pages


The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations require all those involved in construction to adopt an integrated approach to health and safety management. Clients, designers and contractors, as well as planning supervisors, must now work together to ensure that health and safety management issues are considered throughout all phases of a project.

Appropriate procedures must be established to ensure that documentation is clear and a structured approach is adopted by all those involved in a project to ensure that the requirements of the regulations are complied with.

This Procedures Manual provides a documentation system which has been developed by a practising planning supervisor. It addresses the full range of obligations of the client, planning supervisor, designer(s), principal contractor and contractors for compliance with the statutory requirements and features:

  • flow charts

  • checklists

  • model forms (including service agreements, notices and health and safety plans)

  • standard letters and proformas

In addition to providing the necessary documentary record, the Procedures Manual also functions as a control document for quality assurance purposes.

The new edition has been revised to take account of Approved Code of Practice for the Regulations.

Introduction; CDM compliance - or not?; The client; The planning supervisor; The designer; The principal contractor; The contractor; Sample documents; Appendices; Bibliography; Index
* provides a ready made health and safey system for quality assurance purposes
* features a large number of flowcharts, checklists, model forms and standard letters
* updated to take account of the revised code of practice issued in 2002
* 'well conceived and presented'- Occupational Health & Safety
* first edition ISBN 0-632-04135-8