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CGMA Exam - Case Study Guide

CGMA Exam - Case Study Guide


ISBN: 978-1-941-65157-5

May 2017

256 pages

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The CGMA Exam – Case Study Guide is designed to provide you with an understanding of the CGMA exam. It provides an overview of the key requirements to prepare for the CGMA case study examination and will provide you with proven study techniques. The book leverages the practice exam available online for all exam candidates. It provides guidance, illustrations and tools to analyze the pre-seen material for the exam to prepare, as well as a detailed walk-through of the actual exam scenarios and tasks, and offers sample solutions and comments.

Practical hints and realistic tips are given throughout the book making it easy for you to apply what you’ve learned in this text to your actual case study exam. It covers the building blocks of successful learning and examination techniques and shows you how to earn all the marks you deserve as well as explaining how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Chapter 1 Introduction to the CGMA exam 1

Chapter 2 Understanding competencies 11

Chapter 3 Integrating skills and knowledge 35

Chapter 4 Pre- seen information for the practice exam case 45

Chapter 5 Analysing the pre-seen materials 85

Chapter 6 Summary of the pre-seen materials 103

Chapter 7 Practice scenarios and tasks 117

Chapter 8 Exam day techniques 177

Chapter 9 Unseen information for the practice exam 195

Chapter 10 Walkthrough of the practice exam 205

Chapter 11 Review of solution to practice exam and marking guide 223