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COBOL for the 21st Century, 11th Edition, Updated Edition

COBOL for the 21st Century, 11th Edition, Updated Edition

Nancy B. Stern, Robert A. Stern, James P. Ley

ISBN: 978-1-118-73953-2

Sep 2013

832 pages

Select type: Paperback

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All orders for the regular 11th Edition will be automatically upgraded to the Update Edition.  Please note the following changes made to the 11e Update Edition.


As the authors were researching material on the COBOL standard, they realized that the planned COBOL 2008 standard (discussed in the 11th edition) did not in fact occur.  Some of the items marked as COBOL 2008 in the 11th edition had in fact changed in 2002, and some marked as COBOL 2008 will now finally be changed in the upcoming proposed COBOL 2013 standard. Therefore, in the Update Edition, we have changed the icons to indicate COBOL 2002 changes and the upcoming proposed COBOL 2013 changes.


We removed all references to NetExpress, (which Wiley no longer distributes,) and added information on the new Micro Focus Academic Program.  As of Summer 2013, members of this program are eligible to receive free licenses of Visual COBOL for teaching; free downloads of Visual COBOL Personal Edition for students; free online web support through community forums, blogs, and support network; and access to online software documentation and product manuals.  Visit for information on how to join. 


Some instructors reported that their students complained that the book felt dated, due to the older dates in code output.  For a more contemporary feel, we changed these dates to the current year.


We added program names to Practice Programs in the text for easier reference.

Related Resources

Unit I The Basics

1 An Introduction to Structured Program Design in COBOL 2



4 Coding Complete COBOL Programs: The PROCEDURE DIVISION 104

Unit II Designing Structured Programs

5 Designing and Debugging Batch and Interactive COBOL Programs 138

6 Moving Data, Printing Information, and Displaying Output Interactively 184

7 Computing in COBOL: The Arithmetic Verbs and Intrinsic Functions 259

8 Decision Making Using the IF and EVALUATE Statements 302

9 Iteration: Beyond the Basic PERFORM 344

Unit III Writing High-Level COBOL Programs

10 Control Break Processing 386

11 Data Validation 435

12 Array Processing and Table Handling 472

Unit IV File Maintenance

13 Sequential File Processing 562

14 Sorting and Merging 617

15 Indexed and Relative File Processing 645

Unit V Advanced Topics

16 Improving Program Productivity Using the COPY, CALL, and Other Statements 712

17 The Report Writer Module 737


A COBOL Character Set and Reserved Words A-2

B Differences Among the COBOL Standards A-7

C Glossary A-11

Index I-1