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CSS Hacks and Filters: Making Cascading Stylesheets Work

CSS Hacks and Filters: Making Cascading Stylesheets Work

ISBN: 978-0-764-59997-2

May 2005

292 pages

Select type: E-Book


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  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a method of describing how a Web page should look in a Web browser, but a growing number of browsers do not support CSS in the same way, forcing developers to constantly play catch-up to keep their sites consistent
  • Bestselling author Joe Lowery eases the pain for those Web developers who aren't feeling the CSS love-he guides readers through real-world workarounds that will help a CSS-based site look and work the way it was meant to
  • Readers will grit their teeth, clench their fists, and roll their eyes for the last time once they learn how to craft fluid multi-column layouts, build interactive navigation, fix the Box Model, implement CSS hacks in Dreamweaver, and more cool tricks


Chapter 1:Why Hack CSS?

Chapter 2: Filtering CSS for Older Browsers.

Chapter 3: Hiding CSS from Newer Browsers.

Chapter 4: Applying Conditional Comments.

Chapter 5: Scripting JavaScript and Document Object Model Hacks.

Chapter 6: Coding Server-Side Solutions.

Chapter 7: Enhancing Graphics and Media with CSS.

Chapter 8: Maintaining Accessibility with CSS.

Chapter 9: Integrated CSS Hack Layouts.

Chapter 10: Building Navigation Systems.

Chapter 11: Troubleshooting CSS.

Chapter 12: Implementing CSS Hacks in Dreamweaver.

Chapter 13: Creating CSS-Savvy Dreamweaver Templates.

Appendix A: Resources.

Appendix B: CSS Hacks and Filters Charts.