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CVD of Nonmetals

CVD of Nonmetals

William S. Rees Jr. (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61481-3

Dec 2007

441 pages

Select type: O-Book


Written by leading experts in the field, this practical reference handbook offers an up-to-date, critical survey of the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of nonmetals, a key technology in semiconductor electronics, finishing, and corrosion protection.

The basics necessary for any CVD process are discussed in the introduction. In the following chapters, precursor requirements, with an emphasis on materials chemistry, common structures of reactants and substrates, as well as reaction control are discussed for a broad range of compositions including superconducting, conducting, semiconducting, insulating and structural materials. Technological issues, such as reactor geometries and operation parameters, are assessed and the viability of the method, both technically and economically, is compared with other techniques for the preparation of thin films.

Relevant materials and technical data are collected in tables throughout. An extensive glossary, list of abbreviations and acronyms, and over 1400 references round off this impressive work.

The 'CVD of Nonmetals' offers a stimulating combination of basic concepts and practical applications. Materials scientists, solid-state and organometallic chemists, physicists, engineer, as well as graduate students will find this book of enomous value.
Introduction (W. S. Rees, Jr.)
Superconducting Materials (T. J. Marks, D., L. Schulz)
Conducting Materials (K.-H. Dahmen, T. Gerfin)
Semiconducting Materials (G. S. Tompa)
Insulating Materials (A. R. Barron)
Structural Materials (W. J. Lackey)
Other Materials (G. Kraeuter, W. S. Rees, Jr)