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CWAP Certified Wireless Analysis Professional Official Study Guide: Exam PW0-270

CWAP Certified Wireless Analysis Professional Official Study Guide: Exam PW0-270

David A. Westcott, David D. Coleman, Ben Miller, Peter Mackenzie

ISBN: 978-0-470-76903-4

Mar 2011

696 pages

Select type: Paperback


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The official study guide for the Certified Wireless Analysis Professional certification from CWNP

Four leading wireless experts thoroughly prepare you for the vendor-neutral CWAP exam administered by CWNP, the industry leader for enterprise Wi-Fi training and certification.  This official study guide not only covers all exam objectives for the CWAP exam, it also prepares you to administer and troubleshoot complex enterprise WLAN environments.

  • Covers all exam objectives for the Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP) exam
  • Covers 802.11 physical (PHY) and 802.11 MAC layer frame formats and technologies
  • Also covers 802.11 operation and frame exchanges, spectrum analysis and troubleshooting, and protocol analysis and troubleshooting
  • Includes hands-on exercises using the Wireshark protocol analyzer and Fluke Network’s Spectrum analyzer software
  • Companion CD includes two practice exams and over 150 electronic flashcards

Advancing your skills as a wireless administrator professional? Start by passing the CWAP exam with the complete test prep you’ll find in this practical study guide and CD.

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1 802.11 Overview.

2 802.11 Physical (PHY) Layer Frame Format.

3 802.11 MAC Sub-layer Frame Format.

4 802.11 Management Frames.

5 802.11 Control Frames.

6 802.11 Data Frames.

7 802.11 Medium Contention.

8 802.11 Power Management.

9 802.11 Security.

10 802.11n - HT analysis.

11 Spectrum Analysis - Layer 1.

12 Protocol Analyzer Operation & Troubleshooting.

Download WiFi Alliance White Papers not included on CD (page 24)
Download ch04_capture1.pcap (Exercise 4.1, page 146)
Download ch04_capture2.pcap (Exercise 4.2, page 152)
Files missing on CD: Chapter 9 PCAP files
Chapter 11 image files
ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
CDCDFlashcard corrections,Due to a formatting error, several of the flashcards on the CD that shipped with the first printing of the book have incorrect questions and answers.

Flashcard 74:
Question: What data frames do carry data?
Answer: Data, Data+CF-Ack, Data+CF-Poll, Data+CF-Ack+CF-Poll, Qos Data, Qos Data+CF-Ack, Qos Data+CF-Poll, QoS Data+CF-Ack+CF-Poll

Flashcard 75:
Question: How many address fields are in an 802.11 frame?
Answer: Three, sometimes four

Flashcard 76:
Question: What are the names of the 4 802.11 address fields?
Answer: Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4

Flascard 77:
Question: What are the five logical uses of the address fields?
Answer: Source address, destination address, transmitter address, receiver address, basic service set identifier (BSSID)
124White Papers missing from CD: Wi-Fi Alliance and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED,In the sidebar titled �Wi-Fi Alliance and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED� there is reference to a number of White Papers included on the CD. These White Papers were mistakenly left off the first printing CD. They can be downloaded from this book�s Resources & Downloads page.4/22/111st
252Omission in Figure 2.11,ISM Channel 165, referred to in the preceeding paragraph, was left out of the figure. The center frequency of Channel 165 is 5.825 GHz.11/4/111st
4145-6Correction to Exercises 4.1 and 4.2: instructions for downloading and installing Wireshark,The Wireshark application is not included on the CD as indicated in the book. For the explanation and steps 1-4 of Exercise 4.1, Viewing an Association Sequence, on pages 145-146, please replace the text in the book with the following:

In this exercise, you will use a protocol analyzer to view 802.11 data frames encrypted with CCMP. The following directions should assist you with locating, downloading, and install- ing Wireshark. If you are familiar with another protocol analyzing software, feel free to use it to perform this lab. If you have already installed Wireshark, you can skip steps 1?4.
  1. In your web browser, go to the Wireshark website:
  2. Click the Download Wireshark button to locate the installation file, and download the file that is appropriate for your operating system.
  3. After downloading the file, double-click it to proceed with the installation, and follow the installation directions.
4146Missing files on the CD: Exercise 4.1,In step 4 of Exercise 4.1, reference is made to the following file on the companion CD: ch04_capture1.PCAP. The file was mistakenly left off the CD, and can be found at this book�s Resources and Downloads page.

4152Missing files on the CD: Exercise 4.2,In step 4 of Exercise 4.2, reference is made to the following file on the companion CD: ch04_capture2.PCAP. The file was mistakenly left off the CD, and can be found at this book�s Resources and Downloads page.4/22/111st
9295-7Missing PCAP Files: Exercise 9.1,In Exercise 9.1, there is mention of a number of PCAP files on the companion CD: OPEN_SYSTEM_AUTHENTICATION.PCAP, SHARED_KEY_AUTHENTICATION_ENCRYPTED.PCAP, and SHARED_KEY_AUTHENTICATION_DECRYPTED.PCAP. These files were mistakenly left off the CD, and can be found at this book�s Resources and Downloads page.4/25/111st
11441Images missing from files on CD,On page 441, there is mention of color images of spectrum analyzers included on the CD. Those images were mistakenly