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Cage Hydrocarbons

George A. Olah (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-62292-5 August 1990 432 Pages


Inspired by a symposium held at the University of Southern California, March 1988, dedicated to Paul von R. Schleyer. Contributors examine the role of ``hypercarbons'' in several areas of chemistry, systematically covering the multicenter bonding of ``hypercarbons'' relative to the chemistry of main group elements, organometallics, cluster chemistry, carbocations, and hydrocarbon chemistry.
My Thirty Years in Hydrocarbon Cages: From Adamantane toDodecahedrane (P. Schleyer).

Catalytic Routes to Adamantane and Its Homologues (M. McKervey& J. Rooney).

The Superacid Route to 1-Adamantyl Cation (T. Sorensen & S.Whitworth).

Carbocations and Electrophilic Reactions of Cage Hydrocarbons (G.Olah).

Fragmentation and Transannular Cyclization Routes to CageHydrocarbons (A. Yurchenko).

Bridgehead Reactivity in Solvolysis Reactions (P. Muller & J.Mareda).

Stabilization of Cage Compounds through Steric Hindrance bytert-Butyl Groups (G. Maier, et al.).

Homologues of Barrelene, Bullvalene, and Benzene: Concepts,Questions, and Results (A. de Meijere).

The [n]Peristylane-Polyhedrane Connection (L. Paquette).

The Pagodane Route to Dodecahedrane (W. Fessner & H.Prinzbach).

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