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Calcium and the Cell

Calcium and the Cell

David Evered (Editor), Julie Whelan (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-51334-7 September 2007 310 Pages


This collection of presentations from the Ciba Foundation Symposium of 1985 deals with the central role of calcium in intracellular processes. Discusses control of intracellular calcium as well as control by intracellular calcium, covering such topics as muscle contraction, metabolic processes, hormone and transmitter secretion, membrane transport and permeability, cellular architecture and growth, and the possible contribution of calcium gradients to early embryonic development. Includes carefully edited and extensive (almost half the book) discussions of chapter topics between active workers in the field at the end of each chapter.
Voltage-dependent Mechanisms for Raising Intracellular Free Calcicum Concentration: (H. Reuter).

Voltage-dependent Mobilization of Intracellular Calcium in Skeletal Muscle (M. F. Schneider).

Inositol Trisphosphate and Calcium Mobilization (M. J. Berridge).

The Calcium Pump of Plasma Membranes (E. Carafoli, M. Zurini & G. Benaim).

The Sodium - Calcium Exchange System (P. F. Baker).

Structural and Mechanisitic Implications of the Amino Acid Sequence of Calcium-transporting ATPases (N. M. Green, W. R.

Taylor, & et al).

Aspects of Regulation of Calcium in the Cell .

Calcium Binding to Skeletal Muscle Troponin C and the Regulation of Muscle Contraction (O. Herzberg, J. Moult & M. N.



The Physics and Chemistry of the Calcium-binding Proteins (R. J. P.


Regulation of the Calcium Signal by Calmodulin (C. B. Klee, D. L.

Newton & et al).

Smooth Muscle: Regulation by Calcium and Phosphorylation (W. G. L.

Kerrick & P. E.


Role of Protein Kinase C in Calcium-mediated Signal Transduction (U. Kikkawa, T. Kitano N. Saito & et al).

Calcium in the Action of Growth Factors (W. H. Moolenaar, (L. H. K.

Defize & S. W.

de Laat).

Calcium and the Regulation of Cytoskeletal Assembly, Structure and Contractility (M. S. Mooseker, T. R.

Coleman, K. A.


Calcium and Exocytosis (D. E. Knight).

Calcium and Morphogenetic Fields (L. F. Jaffe).


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