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California: A History, 8th Edition



California: A History, 8th Edition

Andrew Rolle, Arthur C. Verge

ISBN: 978-1-118-70114-0 June 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 456 Pages

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The eighth edition of California: A History covers the entire scope of the history of the Golden State, from before first contact with Europeans through the present; an accessible and compelling narrative that comprises the stories of the many diverse peoples who have called, and currently do call, California home.

  • Explores the latest developments relating to California’s immigration, energy, environment, and transportation concerns
  • Features concise chapters and a narrative approach along with numerous maps, photographs, and new graphic features to facilitate student comprehension
  • Offers illuminating insights into the significant events and people that shaped the lengthy and complex history of a state that has become synonymous with the American dream
  • Includes discussion of recent – and uniquely Californian – social trends connecting Hollywood, social media, and Silicon Valley – and most recently "Silicon Beach"

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List of Illustrations vii

Preface xi

Chapter 1 California’s Distinctiveness 1

Chapter 2 The Native Americans 9

Chapter 3 Exploring Baja and Alta California 21

Chapter 4 Colonizers of the Frontier 32

Chapter 5 Missions, Presidios, and Pueblos 40

Chapter 6 California and Its Spanish Governors 47

Chapter 7 Exploration and Foreign Interference 51

Chapter 8 Arcadia 58

Chapter 9 Mexican California 65

Chapter 10 Infiltration and Revolt 73

Chapter 11 On the Eve of American Rule 79

Chapter 12 Trappers, Traders, and Homeseekers 85

Chapter 13 American Conquest 98

Chapter 14 Gold 107

Chapter 15 Approaches to Statehood 120

Chapter 16 Social Ferment 125

Chapter 17 A New Culture at the Golden Gate 133

Chapter 18 Post-Gold Rush Commerce 141

Chapter 19 The Messy Land Problem 150

Chapter 20 California and the Union 156

Chapter 21 Ships and Rails 165

Chapter 22 Agricultural and Urban Growth 171

Chapter 23 Discrimination and Accommodation 182

Chapter 24 Crushing or Saving the Indians? 191

Chapter 25 Labor, the Farmers, and the New Constitution 202

Chapter 26 California Culture, 1870–1918 207

Chapter 27 Progressive Politics 221

Chapter 28 Material Urban Growth 232

Chapter 29 Water, Conservation, and Agriculture 245

Chapter 30 Labor in an Industrial Age 254

Chapter 31 The Depression Years 261

Chapter 32 Twentieth-Century Culture 273

Chapter 33 Sports and Leisure 293

Chapter 34 Wartime Setbacks and Gains 301

Chapter 35 World War II and Its Aftermath 310

Chapter 36 The Beleaguered Sixties 322

Chapter 37 Environmental Realities 333

Chapter 38 From Reagan Conservatism to “Governor Moonbeam” 347

Chapter 39 A New Ethnicity 354

Chapter 40 From the Great Recession to the Rise of Silicon Beach 363

Chapter 41 Glowing Past Versus Troubled Future 369

Appendix The Governors of California 380

Index of Authors in Selected Readings 386

Subject Index 399