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Can't Take It With You: The Art of Making and Giving Money

Can't Take It With You: The Art of Making and Giving Money

Lewis B. Cullman

ISBN: 978-0-471-66678-3 May 2004 240 Pages




Praise for Can't Take It With You

"Lewis Cullman is one of this nation's major and most generous philanthropists. Here he combines a fascinating autobiography of a life in finance with a powerful expose' of how the business of giving works, including some tips for all of us on how to leverage our money to enlarge our largesse."
-Walter Cronkite

"Lewis Cullman has woven a rich and seamless fabric from the varied strands of his business, philanthropic, and personal life. Every chapter is filled with wonderful insights and amusing anecdotes that illuminate a life that has been very well lived. This book has been written with an honesty and candor that should serve as a model for others."
-David Rockefeller

"Lewis Cullman's memoir made me feel good. A vibrant, thoughtful, and gracious man has written a wonderful tale about living a full life and giving back a lot to society."
-Arthur Levitt
Former Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission

"I was so enjoyably exhausted after reading the book-I can only imagine living the life! It seems there is no good cause that Lewis has not supported, no good business opportunity that Lewis has missed, and no fun that Lewis has not had."
-Agnes Gund
President Emerita, The Museum of Modern Art

"Now I know that venture capitalism and horse trading are almost as much fun as looking for new species in the Amazon. This book is exceptionally well written. The prose is evocative, vibrant, and inspirational."
-Edward O. Wilson
Professor Emeritus, Harvard University
Honorary Curator in Entomology, Harvard's Museum of Comparative Zoology




CHAPTER TWO: Marching to New Haven.

CHAPTER THREE: Weathering the War.

CHAPTER FOUR: “You Just Might Meet Someone”.

CHAPTER FIVE: From Investor to Owner.

CHAPTER SIX: Building a Business.

CHAPTER SEVEN: Giving as Good as I Got.