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Cancer Chemotherapy in Small Animal Practice

Cancer Chemotherapy in Small Animal Practice

Jane Dobson, Neil T. Gorman

ISBN: 978-0-632-03694-3

Dec 1993

224 pages

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Cancer chemotherapy is an important new and growing area of veterinary medicine. Many practitioners are regularly using cytotoxic drugs for cancer therapy as diagnosis of the condition is relatively straightforward. However, the theory behind the use of these potent drugs is poorly understood and few practitioners have any training in this area. This book is the first to provide comprehensive coverage of the subject. Using text, notes and tabulated information it provides a highly practical guide to the correct treatment of tumours and the pharmacology behind the use of cytotoxic drugs. After considering the basic principles of tumour biology and the application of cytotoxic drugs, the book reviews the mode of action of the most frequently used groups of cytotoxic drugs. This is supported by comprehensive tables detailing specific agents, trade names, indications of dose rates and toxicity

1. Background and Perspective.

Part 1 - Basic Principles.

2. Basic Principles of Tumour Biology.

3. Basic Principles of Anticancer Chemotherapy.

Part 2 - Chemotherapeutic Agents.

4. Cytotoxic Agents.

Part 3 - Practical Considerations.

5. Complications of Chemotherapy.

6. Patient Selection Clinical Considerations Concerning the Administration of Cytotoxic Drugs in Veterinary Practice.

7. Precautions for the Safe Handling of Cytotoxic Drugs.

Part 4 - Specific Conditions.

8. Chemotherapy in the Management of Lymphoproliferative and.

Myeloproliferative Diseases.

9. Chemotherapy in the Management of Solid Tumours.

10. The Use of Cytotoxic Drugs for Immunosuppression.

11. Problem-oriented Approach to Emergency States or Complications of Therapy.

Part 5 - New Approaches.

12. New Approaches to Cancer Therapy.




* a highly practical guide to cancer chemotherapy * considers the practical application of cytotoxic drugs, with indications for use * covers the hazards to staff and owners * deals with the treatment of specific neoplasms * includes the medical problems relating to the use of cytotoxic drugs