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Cancer Immune Therapy: Current and Future Strategies

Cancer Immune Therapy: Current and Future Strategies

Gernot Stuhler (Editor), Peter Walden (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60079-3

Feb 2003, Wiley-Blackwell

320 pages

Select type: O-Book


This book provides an overview on research in tumor immunology. It analyzes the molecular and cellular mechanisms of tumorgenesis and the instruments of the immune system that might be exploited for therapy.
Major contributors to the field analyze the molecular and cellular mechanisms of tumorigenesis, evaluate the instruments of the immune system, summarize their clinical experiences, and discuss new strategies for cancer treatment. Researchers in the field of immunology, tumor biology and medicine will find this up-to-date volume invaluable for evaluating future research activities.
Search for Universal Tumor-Associated T Cell Epitopes (Vonderheide, Schultze)
Serological Determinants on Tumor Cells (Zwick, Preuss, Bormann, Neumann, Pfreundschuh)
Processing and Presentation of Tumor-associated Antigens (Kloetzel, Sijts)
T Cells in Tumor Immunity (Romero, Pittet, Zippelius, Lienard, Lejeune, Valmori, Speiser, Cerottini)
Major Histocompatibility Complex Modulation and Loss (Seliger, Ritz)
Immune Cells in the Tumor Microenvironment (Whiteside)
Immunosuppressive Factors in Cancer (Bucala, Metz)
Interleukin-10 and Cancer Immunity (Sabat, Asadullah)
Dendritic Cells and Cancer: Prospects for Cancer Vaccination (Hart, Jackson, Nestle)
The Immune System in Cancer: If It Isn't Broken, Can We Fix It? (Vile)
Hybrid Cell Vaccination for Cancer Immune Therapy (Walden, Stuhler, Trefzer)
Principles and Strategies Employing Heat Shock Proteins for Immunotherapy of Cancers (Li)
Application of CpG Motifs from Bacterial DNA in Cancer Immunotherapy (Krieg)
The T-Body Approach: Towards Cancer Immuno-Gene Therapy (Pinthus, Eshhar)
Bone Marrow Transplantation for Immune Therapy (Ciceri, Bordignon)
Immunocytokines: Versatile Molecules for Biotherapy of Malignant Disease (Lode, Xiang, Becker, Niethammer, Primus, Gillies, Reisfeld)
Immunotoxins and Recombinant Immunotoxins in Cancer Therapy (Reiter, Lev)
"...should be valued...for the understanding it provides to readers interested in individual topics." (New England Journal of Medicine, November 20, 2003)

"...excellent text...easy to read and highly informative..." (Pharmaceutical Research, Vol. 20, No. 6, June 2003)