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Cancer Reports

Cancer Reports

Edited By:Nidhi Bansal

Online ISSN: 2573-8348

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

Select type: Journal


Cancer Reports is a broad scope journal dedicated to publishing data-driven, scientifically valid findings at every step in basic, translational, clinical and interdisciplinary research in cancer development, treatment, care and outcome including

  • Early stage and incremental findings
  • Replication studies
  • Negative findings

Article types: Original articles, methods, clinical studies, case reports and reviews. Click here for more details.


All sound data and evidence-driven cancer research has value and should be published and shared with the community.

Criteria for evaluating manuscripts

  • scientific rigor
  • evidence that the data support conclusions
  • adherence to technical and ethical standards

Reasons to publish in Cancer Reports

1. No article processing charges.

2. High standards, rigorous peer review

3. International editorial board of acclaimed and leading scientists and clinicians from foremost research institutes and the pharmaceutical industry.

4. All articles have free access for the first two journal years

5. Option to publish open access with OnlineOpen

6. Promote your article with featured cover image

7. Trust, Quality and Expertise of Wiley publishing