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Cancer in Children and Young People: Acute Nursing Care



Cancer in Children and Young People: Acute Nursing Care

Faith Gibson, Louise Soanes

ISBN: 978-0-470-51914-1 April 2008 432 Pages


Much has changed since the first book Paediatric Oncology: Acute Nursing Care (1999), therefore, this new edition encompasses these changes in relation to the practice itself and the evidence that underpins it.  Emphasis is placed on ensuring terminology is accurate, in keeping with the language of the current day. 

The book is divided into six sections: Chemotherapy, Haematopoetic Stem Cell Transplantation, General Surgery, Radiotherapy, Late Effects of cancer therapies, and Palliative Care.  There is a brief commentary at the end of each section/chapter by a ‘novice’ author but experienced practitioner, highlighting to the reader what is already known and what the section/chapter adds to their current knowledge and practice.

Chapter 1: Principles of chemotherapy.

Chapter 2: Chemotherapy agents.

Chapter 3: Administration of chemotherapy.

Chapter 4: Side effects of chemotherapy and supportive.

Chapter 5: Oncological emergencies.

Chapter 6: Future trends.

Commentary: Chemotherapy section.

Section 2: Haematopoetic Stem Cell Transplantation.

Chapter 7: Background to HSCT procedure.

Chapter 8: Preparation for bone marrow transplant.

Chapter 9: Collection and infusion of bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cells and umbilical cord blood.

Chapter 10: Protective isolation nursing issues.

Chapter 11: Complications of stem cell transplant.

Chapter 12: Discharge planning and the psychological care of the family.

Chapter 13: Staff support in stem cell transplant units.

Chapter 14: Further developments in stem cell transplant.

Commentary: Haematopoetic Stem Cell Transplantation.

Section 3: Surgery.

Chapter 15: General surgery.

Commentary: General surgery.

Chapter 16: Neuro-oncology.

Commentary: Neuro-oncology.

Chapter 17: Primary bone cancer in young people.

Commentary: Primary bone cancer in young people.

Section 4: Radiotherapy.

Chapter 18: The nature of radiotherapy.

Chapter 19: Administration of radiotherapy.

Chapter 20: Tumours and radiotherapy treatment.

Chapter 21: Acute and sub-acute side effects of radiotherapy.

Chapter 22: The role of radiotherapy and palliative care.

Section 5: Late effects of cancer therapies.

Chapter 23: Overview of long-term follow-up.

Chapter 24: Potential physical issues following cancer treatment.

Chapter 25: The role of the nurse in Long-Term Follow-Up.

Chapter 26: Health promotion for Long-Term Follow-Up patients.

Chapter 27: Quality of Life in long-term survivors of childhood cancer.