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Candy Making For Dummies

Candy Making For Dummies

David Jones

ISBN: 978-0-764-59734-3

Sep 2005

392 pages

Select type: Paperback

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How sweet it is! More than 100 recipes plus terrific tips and tricks

Explore the art of cooking candy and create sweet masterpieces!

If you want to concoct irresistible treats for your friends and family, this book gets you cooking! You'll discover proper techniques and use them to create incredible candies. Recipes range from fondues to fondants, simple meltaways to decadent truffles, fun kids' treats to cream-filled delicacies. Indulge!

Discover how to
* Choose the proper utensils and ingredients
* Melt, temper, and mold chocolate
* Fine-tune your skills with professional secrets
* Create special holiday treats
* Bag, box, or wrap candies for gifts

Part I: Welcome to Candyland.

Chapter 1: Candy Making Made Easy (Because It Is).

Chapter 2: Preparing Yourself (and Your Kitchen) for Candy Making.

Chapter 3: Selecting the Right Tools.

Chapter 4: Picking Quality Ingredients.

Part II: Concocting Creamy and Chewy Delights.

Chapter 5: Creating a Stir with Fondue.

Chapter 6: Focusing on Fondant, Mints, and Meltaways.

Chapter 7: Caramel Contentment.

Chapter 8: Doctoring Divinity.

Chapter 9: Whipping Up Quick and Easy Fudges.

Chapter 10: Making Magic with Marshmallows, Fruit Jellies, and Marzipan.

Part III: Getting a Little Nutty.

Chapter 11: Taking On Crunches, Toffees, and Pralines.

Chapter 12: Breaking Out the Brittles.

Chapter 13: Discovering Amazing Uses for Popcorn.

Part IV: Becoming a Chocolate Artist.

Chapter 14: Chopping, Melting, Tempering, and Storing Chocolate.

Chapter 15: Dipping Delicious Treats into Chocolate.

Chapter 16: Taking a Bite Out of Barks and Clusters.

Chapter 17: Rolling Along with Wonderful Creamy Centers.

Chapter 18: Impressing with Incredible Truffles.

Chapter 19: Know How to Mold ’Em.

Part V: Having Special Fun with Candy.

Chapter 20: Creating Holiday Magic.

Chapter 21: Bring In the Kids.9

Chapter 22: Making a Stunning Presentation.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 23: Ten Wonderful Web Sites for Candy Recipes.

Chapter 24: Ten (or So) Great Places to Buy Candy-making Supplies.

Chapter 25: Ten (or So) Cool Candy Companies to Visit.

Chapter 26: Ten Troubleshooting Tips for Candy Makers.

Appendix: Metric Conversion Guide.


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