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Canine and Feline Anesthesia and Co-Existing Disease

Canine and Feline Anesthesia and Co-Existing Disease

Lindsey B.C. Snyder (Editor), Rebecca A. Johnson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-28820-7

Dec 2014, Wiley-Blackwell

352 pages

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Canine and Feline Anesthesia and Co-Existing Disease is the first book to draw together clinically relevant information on the anesthetic management of dogs and cats with existing disease conditions.  Providing a detailed reference on avoiding and managing complications resulting from concurrent disease, the book offers a ready reference for handling anesthesia in patients with common presenting diseases.  Organized by body system, Canine and Feline Anesthesia and Co-Existing Disease is designed to allow the reader to quickly find and apply advice for anesthetizing patients with specific conditions.

Each chapter presents in-depth, practical information on the special considerations before, during, and after sedation and anesthesia of a patient with a given disease.  Canine and Feline Anesthesia and Co-Existing Disease is a useful reference for general practitioners, veterinary students, specialists in a variety of areas, and veterinary anesthesiologists alike.

List of contributors, ix

Preface, xi

1 Cardiovascular disease, 1
Jonathan M. Congdon

2 Respiratory disease, 55
David B. Brunson and Rebecca A. Johnson

3 Neurologic disease, 71
Erin Wendt-Hornickle

4 Hepatobiliary disease, 82
Carrie A. Schroeder

5 Gastrointestinal disease, 93
Juliana Peboni Figueiredo and Todd A. Green

6 Renal disease, 116
Carrie A. Schroeder

7 Perioperative fluid, electrolyte, and acid–base disorders, 129
Carolyn L. Kerr

8 Endocrine disease, 151
Berit L. Fischer

9 Nutritional disease, 175
Lindsey B.C. Snyder

10 Ophthalmic disease, 179
Phillip Lerche

11 Oral and maxillofacial disorders, 187
Christopher J. Snyder and Jason W. Soukup

12 Hematologic disorders, 203
Molly Shepard and Benajmin Brainard

13 Skin and musculoskeletal diseases, 223
Paulo V.M. Steagall

14 Infectious disease, 248
Jusmeen Sarkar

15 Neoplastic disease, 264
Veronica Salazar

16 Cesarean section and pregnancy, 299
Turi K. Aarnes and Richard M. Bednarski

17 Neonatal, pediatric, and geriatric concerns, 310
Anderson Fávaro da Cunha

18 Disorders related to trauma, 320
Andre Shih and Alessandro Martins

Index, 331

“Whatever the disorder, from cardiovascular to trauma or neonatal, this book will provide you with a practical solution to not only make them sleep but also to wake them up!.”  (Vet Nurses Today, 1 October 2015)

“The authors and editors of this book are commended for venturing into this important area of veterinary anesthetic care.”  (Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 15 June 2015)


  • Brings together information on managing anesthesia  in  patients with concurrent disease into a single resource
  • Covers a wide range of common presenting diseases
  • Offers specific guidance for preventing and managing complications related to pre-existing disease
  • Provides a practical, clinically oriented guide for sedating patients with specific conditions
  • Organized by body system to allow quick access to information
  • Presents the most current concepts about veterinary anesthesia and analgesia, especially as it pertains to patients with co-existing disease